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The Knight (Shinichi) and the Princess (Ran).

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  • Kazuha and Ran's relationship. Initially, Kazuha thinks nothing of Ran other than a rival to try taking Heiji away from the former. Their friendship started from their second encounter because of Kazuha's straightforward personality of saying what she thinks of and accused Ran and Heiji had planned to wear matching pair clothes beforehand. Then, there's Ran accommodating nature who goes Up to Eleven by changing her clothes in the middle of the town inside a taxi, much to Kazuha's surprise and the former asked if she is satisfied that Ran switched clothes. It was from this moment afterwards, their friendship grew and they asked each other's opinion about their progress of romance towards their respective crush.
  • After getting used to Aoyama thwarting kisses and otherwise making romance in Detective Conan proceed only a little more quickly than a glacier for over a decade, Chapter 673 offered a genuine treat for fans. Takagi is hospital-bound after his drubbing by the killer. Satou—with whom Takagi got two or three (depending on whether you go by manga or anime) Almost Kisses—is at his side, and Takagi is resigned to the two of them getting interrupted yet again. Sure enough, it looks like Megure, Chiba, and Shiratori are about to enter his room to check up on him, but the Detective Boys intervene, claiming (at Satou's behest?) that Takagi is sleeping off his medication, so he should not be awakened. After Megure & Co. depart, the kids open the door a crack to check on how Takagi is doing. Next half-page-sized frame: Satou leaning over Takagi, the two of them in one very happy kiss.
    • They get another one in Chapter 808: Takagi has just spent two days kidnapped, at threat of hanging, and nearly blown up. Satou saves his life, and they share a kiss. Doubles as a Funny Moment due to the event being broadcast by webcam to the whole department.
    • And later, when Sato is Mistaken for Pregnant, we have Takagi not doubting even for a second that he's the dad of the baby Satou might be carrying, and being super willing to marry her, become a House Husband for her, and do his best to help her and their future kids. It's both hilarious and super damn cute.
  • In the 3 K's of Osaka case (episodes 238-239), Conan's favorite soccer player is arrested. Heiji ends up cheering him up, and the girls comment that the two are like brothers.
  • There's an episode where Shinichi's parents show up, tell him (after an episode-long test of his detective skills that nearly gave him a heart attack SEVERAL times) that they know he's stuck in a little boy's body, and they still love him and he has their approval to keep fighting crime and looking for the evil organization on his own. Oh, and they're proud of him.
  • Another moment comes from Ayumi realizing Ai Haibara is the only friend she calls by her last name, and spending the arc trying to get up the nerve to call Haibara by her first name. The arc ends with Haibara having realized this and giving Ayumi permission to be on a First-Name Basis. Also combines with Funny Moments since she immediately shoots down the boys' request before they can even get the question out.
  • In one of the episodes shortly after Haibara joins the cast, she and Shinichi/Conan are talking in the classroom they share with Genta, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko. She remarks that due to a person threatening her (referring to the Black Organization), she'll likely have to leave. The three actual kids assume she's referring to a classmate bullying her and demand to know who it is so they can make them stop. Haibara is obviously confused but also touched.
    • Also sweet is that nothing in the kids' dialogue indicates they plan to use force to make the "bully" stop.
  • Chapters 548 and 549/episode 460 featured the kids' teacher, Kobayashi, giving her students a rainy day activity. She "mysteriously vanishes" and leaves clues for the kids to deduce her hiding place with. She even goes so far as to have Conan called out of class so he doesn't solve it too quickly. The story's end reveals that Kobayashi deliberately took two students, a girl who had just transferred there and a boy who had been away for medical reasons, and made their names vital to solving the riddles with the ultimate aim of integrating these two students into the class and making sure nobody would forget their names.
  • The Mermaid Island case (episodes 222-224). Kazuha decides to sacrifice her life so Heiji will live by stabbing his hand with the arrow she won while hanging from a cliff. But, Heiji still holds on and tells Kazuha not to let go.
  • A filler episode includes a girl named Haruna, whose parents are exactly the same as Ran's. Haruna wants her parents to come back but they don't get the hint until:
    "Haven't you realized yet? Think of Haruna-chan's feelings after she took the Rainbow Child. Haruna-chan was lonely, her mom left her for a long time and her dad works nonstop everyday. That's when she thought of combining two sculptures into one, thinking this would bring back her family, just like the stork that would bring happiness."
  • Episode 90 of the anime takes lace in an endangered crane habitat. In a surprise for the series, a murderer who is supposedly repentant and turns himself in without a thought when he mistakenly kills his father. As it turns out, the culprit is being manipulated by his greedy uncle, who wants his inheritance. In the end of the story, the actually innocent young man, as well as his sister, stay on as caretakers to keep their father's dream alive.
  • The sea snake case in Volume 17. You could clearly see that the character Harumi, the "villain" for that case, didn't really want to have done it and regretted it afterward, seeing as how, during the time that Conan was revealing the scheme piece by piece, she never even attempted to deny anything or tell him, "Well what about...?" The whole time she simply let him continue along, all the while looking almost sad and disappointed in herself. Once she admits to why she did it, even if she said at first that Kiwako probably deserved it, she begins crying at this point, telling you that even SHE doesn't believe that and that she hates having done it. Then, when Kiwako recovers and she goes there to apologize for what she did, it is instead Kiwako who apologizes for not having realized Harumi's feelings. Harumi practically killed her out of jealousy, but Kiwako just takes it in stride and accepts what happened as karma. It's no wonder Harumi practically admits her crime and begins crying again. And from what we're aware, Kiwako simply keeps it a secret, which means that Harumi totally escaped going to prison simply because of her kindness.
    • The anime rendition of the "Scuba Diving Murder Case" (episodes 114 and 115) is just as beautiful.
    • In addition, this case is also a great example of showing how much Conan has matured as a human being, not just as a detective. He recognizes early (as does Eri) that it was an attempted murder, but doesn't shout out this fact to everyone in earshot (as he often does), and when it's time to confront Harumi, he does it with just Eri and Ran present, no cops, none of the other suspects. He learned his lesson from the "Moonlight Sonata Case", and here treats it as a human case, not just as a complicated puzzle to be solved.
  • Speaking of the "Moonlight Sonata Case": The villain who left his home island as a boy to return as a girl so he could get revenge sets the music hall on fire after Conan realizes the truth: Conan follows to try to stop her. The murderer, who is touched by Conan's words, proceeds to save his life by throwing him out the window so the young detective doesn't burn to death.
  • A minor one, but in a case from Volume 73, as Conan deducts who the culprit is, his friends keep on defending him until he confesses himself. It's a little heartwarming, really.
  • As of chapter 752, Shinichi has finally told Ran he likes her.
  • Heiji admitting (in his mind) that he wants to make his confession to Kazuha in a romantic atmosphere.
  • The Desperate Revival Story Arc is one of the most emotional points in the series and here is the evidence why:
    • Episode 188 has Conan encouraging the Detective Boys after they all start blaming themselves for him being shot. He actually tells them they should be happy about having the opportunity to solve a mystery that would have gone unsolved.
    • Episode 189 has Conan thinking that Ran has figured out his identity and he thinks to himself that he should come clean. When he makes this decision he isn't troubled by the fact but feels relief that he can finally open up to her about everything.
    • Episode 191 has The Reveal that the Black Knight in the play is Shinichi Kudo! This means that his actions in the last episode (pulling Ran into a hug and almost giving her a Big Damn Kiss) were his way of making up for being gone for so long by giving her an incredibly memorable reunion. Rule of Symbolism is in effect as well since he is dressed as a knight and she is dressed as a princess, which makes it even better. Their Almost Kiss seen here is pretty adorable, especially if you notice one detail: At the end Ran pulls away because the she heard a scream (meaning a new murder case), but Shinichi continues for their kiss. Either he was deliberately ignoring it or just didn't hear it, it's still pretty cute.
      • At the very end of episode Shinichi collapses, setting things up for one of the biggest inversions of a Hope Spot ever. When he wakes up he discovers that cure has not worn off as he was worried it would. About time the guy had something go right in his life.
    • Episode 192 has several moments. First there is Ran's absolute joy at having Shinichi back in her life, then there is the fact that it Was Sonoko's idea to have Shinichi do what he did during the play, and the biggest is perhaps that when an emergency happens Shinichi refuses to go investigate it, not wanting to run off on Ran again. She is the one that tells him to go do what he has to do.
    • Episode 193 at the very end of the episode it is heavily implied that Shinichi was going to propose to Ran, at the same place where his father proposed to his mother no less! Such a shame that this episode had a Downer Ending.
  • Episode 199 shows that Kogoro and Eri each keep track of the others cases.
  • Episode 200 has Kogoro asking Eri to move back in. The scene is rather moving because it shows Kogoro's more sensitive side that rarely comes out. It is almost ruined by the fact that Eri is listening to something and as such has headphones on but the last scene reveals that she was actually recording Kogoro asking her to come back.
    • During the same case for those episodes/chapters, Eri is annoyed that Kogoro isn't noticing that she is missing her wedding ring. After the case has been solved, Kogoro gives the wedding ring back to Eri — he cites that he immediately noticed because she ran her hand through her hair in a way that she'd never do with the ring on; she was drying her wet hair with her glasses on, which most people don't do and figures she was looking for something — and she realizes that the sand on his legsnote  came from crawling around the beach, looking for the ring. Yes, they are estranged, but it's one of their They Really Do Love Each Other moments and shows that Kogoro notices the tiniest of discrepancies with his wife.
  • Episode 213 has the culprit be a hunter who accidentally killed someone trying to hunt down a bear that saved his life years ago. An accident during a hunting trip had him too injured to move and when a black bear came upon him he was certain that he would be killed. But he was shocked when the bear started licking his wounds and used its fur to keep him warm. After being rescued the hunter would come up to the mountain everyday to warn the bear away from the hunters searching for it. The hunter kept such a close eye on the bear that he became aware of it giving birth to cubs and when one of the cubs was killed to be used as bait he made a grave for the poor thing.
  • Episode 219 has one for Kid who targets a clock tower where he first met his Childhood Friend in order to keep it from being torn down.
  • In Episode 247 Ai decides to open up to Ran, leading to a very sweet When She Smiles moment.
  • Episode 251 gives Kogoro a Pet the Dog moment where he takes Ran and Conan with him to a horse ranch with no ulterior motive, doing so as a just because gesture. He even just stands around watching them ride horses.
  • Episodes 253-254 have Shinichi help Takagi get Sato out of an arranged marriage with Shiratori, not only showing himself as a bit of a Shipper on Deck but putting the kind of effort he usually puts into solving cases. At the end he reveals that he did so because the relationship between Takagi and Sato reminds him of the one he has with Ran.
  • Episode 257 has Conan calling Takagi as Megure in order to give the man a much needed confidence boost.
  • Episode 266 has Kogoro referring to Ran and Sonoko as his girls, showing that he cares for Sonoko almost as much as he cares for his daughter.
  • Episode 268 has Makoto's return which was motivated by the various gifts she has tried making for him. He thought she had made them for someone else and wanted to make sure that person was suitable for her. When Sonoko points at him when he asks who this person is he just turns around to look before finally realizing that it's him she's talking about. His Adorkable gestures immediately after just make it sweeter.
    • The episode ends with Shinichi making it look like he stopped by the agency while Ran was asleep and ate the chocolate she made him.
  • Episode 286 has Shinichi's mother telling some of her friends that Ran could be her future daughter in law.
  • Episode 288 has Ran saving a serial killer from falling to his death, especially touching because right beforehand she was in a Heroic BSoD from saving someone that went on to commit a murder.
    • Shinichi comes to help as well and when asked why he would simply says that he doesn't need a reason to save someone's life.
  • Episode 290 shows that Mitsuhiko had gone to great lengths in order to show Ayumi and Haibara fireflies.
  • Episode 304 has a few moments.
    • First there is Sato's old partner Matsuda pulling a Heroic Sacrifice in letting a bomb explode and kill him in order to get a hint about where to find a more powerful bomb rather than disarming it.
    • Then there is a moment that solidifies the Detective Boys as True Companions where Conan tells them that even without him they are still the Detective Boys. They immediately prove this when they are being driven away from a bomb site where Conan is working to disarm the bomb by trying to get Chiba who is driving them away to turn around, with Genta going so far as to put him in a headlock to force him to do so.
    • At the end Sato has a very tense face off with the bomber that has her on the verge of shooting him. Takagi shows up to talk her down and after an Armor-Piercing Slap she breaks down from how much the bomber has put her through. She is open during this that she pulls Takagi in for a kiss and it would have been a big damn one is Megure hadn't been a Moment Killer.
    • After the credits it is shown that Sato has kept a text message from Matsuda from right before he was killed that had him admitting he liked her. She decides to delete it, showing that while she will never forget him she has moved on.
    • Also during the episode there is a moment where Takagi and Shiratori discuss how they will never match up to Matsuda in Sato's eyes. It is a surprisingly nice moment between two men that are rivals in a love triangle.
  • Episode 305-306 is a two part episode when Kogoro meets an old classmate of his, an actress named Ruri, who is overjoyed to see him and crushed on him, even though he had the hots for Eri. At the conclusion of the episode, Kogoro, with minimal help from Conan, reveals that he knows the truth behind the week's case, that Ruri is covering for her biological father, Nagumo and explains the truth behind the case. Ruri admits Kogoro is right, then asks, as a favor to her, if Kogoro could keep things quiet. Kogoro refuses, because he knows that carrying a secret like that would be a horrible burden to carry, and he could never do that to a beloved friend like Ruri.
  • Episode 329 has Agasa revealing that he met Haibara's father Atsushi, known throughout the scientific community as a Mad Scientist, several times and that they were apparently somewhat friendly with each other, making his taking in Haibara Heartwarming in Hindsight.
  • Episode 330 has Shinichi detailing a time when Ran turned down an invite from Sonoko because she was short on money at the time. When he asked her why she didn't let Sonoko pay for it Ran got angry with him and said she wanted to be friends with Sonoko because they were friends not because Sonoko was rich.
  • Episode 333 has Eri coming over to the agency after finding out that Kogoro has been calling out for her in his sleep. She even checks her makeup before coming over and blushes when trying to wake him up. She also claims to Yukiko that she and Kogoro are still together.
    • The Reveal that Eri and Yukiko are old friends from high school. Eri is especially energetic at meeting her friend after so long.
    • There is also Yukiko gushing about Conan's deductive skills while glomping him.
  • Episode 341 reveals that Haibara's mother, known in the Black Organization as Hell Angel, recorded twenty birthday messages, one for each year of Haibara's life, for her daughter in case she was killed. Upon finding these messages, which were hidden by Akemi so the Black Organization couldn't find them, Haibara has what is likely the first shred of real happiness she has known in a long time.
  • Episode 345 has Vermouth, who was disguised as the serial killer of the New York case, remembering how Shinichi and Ran saved her and refusing to let them be harmed during her attempt to kill Haibara. She goes as far as lying to Gin about Shinichi still being alive in order to keep him safe from the Black Organization.
  • Chapter 410-412 mixes heartwarming with a bit of heartbreaking. Agasa finds an old postcard where a girl he knew in elementary school said she'd meet him on an exact date, and keep going there every 10 years until they'd meet again. The kids and Agasa figure out the meeting place and head there, only to meet a woman his age. The two talk for a bit, before she leaves under the pretence of her husband waiting. The man is actually her stepfather, and she didn't reveal her identity in fear of making Agasa feel horrible that she waited for him for 40 years. And she believes the Detecitve Boys are his grandchildren, so she's happy that he found love and had a happy life in the meantime. Though there is indication that she and Agasa will meet again.
  • In episode 357 Ran meets with an acquaintance that is getting food to make dinner for her lover. Ran thinks on how she doesn't have anyone like that before Conan points out that she does. She thinks that he is talking about Shinichi but he says that he meant himself and Kogoro.
    • The acquaintance also has a rather sweet story. She used to have a lover who said he would return by a certain date but disappeared five years ago. The man's backpack was found half a year ago filled with photos he had taken and returned to his mother who gave them to the woman. This happened on the day he said he would return so the woman thinks that he did keep his word and came back to her in a way. Since then on that day every month she would make a dinner for two where she would pretend they had actually been reunited.
  • In episode 359 Satou freaks out after some fireworks behind a Ferris wheel reminds her of Matsuda's fate. Takagi returns from capturing a criminal before figuring out what has her freaked out. The Detective Boys condemn him for bringing her to an amusement park but Satou herself just asks Takagi to never leave her.
  • Asami Uchida, a former classmate and soccer manager of Shinichi's middle school, was suspected of being his first love. However, it turns out it was a lie created by her and she reveals what Shinichi said after she made her confession. His first love was Ran Mouri:
    Shinichi:(shyly) Ah, sorry, senpai. I already have someone I've liked since I was little. She's strong-willed and stubborn, but cries a lot. She's weird like that.
  • Episode 372 has Kogoro getting a baseball autographed by a baseball player that Eri is a fan of so he can give it to her as a gift but is unable to because of the player's murder making it his last autograph. Kogoro of all people was empathetic enough to get his wife something she would actually like and recognized that she wouldn't want it because of circumstances surrounding it. The fact that he couldn't give it to her causes Kogoro to give the culprit a "Reason You Suck" Speech, showing how much this gesture meant for Kogoro to do.
  • Just about anytime Shinichi/Conan and Heiji show their protective side to Ran and Kazuha, respectively.
  • During one chapter, Ran is confused because her mother is wearing a low-cut dress, something that she usually doesn't wear. She then remembers that those are the clothes she wore on her first date with Kogoro. The final page reveals that, apparently for every anniversary of said date, she and Kogoro have been wearing the same clothes as a way to celebrate the date again.
  • Episode 400 has Shinichi giving Ran his phone number so she can call him whenever she wants, which goes a long way towards helping their constant separation from each other.
  • Episode 401 has Ran treating Conan extra nicely because she is in such a good mood form having Shinichi's phone number.
  • Episode 418 has Yusaku and Yukiko returning to Japan so Yusaku can do research for his next book. While there Yukiko realizes that she knows nothing about how Shinichi lives as Conan so she talks Yusaku into disguising themselves as an elderly couple in order to rent a house that has a good view of the agency so they can see him. When Shinichi tricks them into revealing themselves Yukiko reveals all of this to him and concludes by saying she took photos of Conan because she wanted more pictures of Shinichi as a child.
  • Episode 449 has Takagi and Yumi acting as a decoy bride and groom at a wedding in order to catch a criminal. Yumi acts incredibly affectionate towards Takagi, which draws ire from Satou. Yumi reveals to Takagi that she did so in order to get Satou to want to wear a wedding dress for Takagi.
  • Episode 472 shows Kogoro and Eri as they were ten years ago and they definitely acted like a loving and mature couple.
  • Episode 497 shows that Akai and Akemi used to date so he could infiltrate the Black Organization. They both truly fell in love with each other, to the point that Akemi sent him a text asking him if he would become her boyfriend for real the day before the robbery case that would lead to her death. Akai even still thinks of her as his girlfriend despite her death.
  • Episode 502 reveals that Akemi knew about Akai using her to infiltrate the Black Organization but she didn't care because she did fall in love with him.
  • Episode 524 has a temporarily cured Shinichi about to shrink back into Conan in front of Ran. She is worried by the violent spasms he is going through and grabs his hand, refusing to let go until he goes to a hospital. Haibara uses the knockout watch on her so Shinichi can keep his secret but she is depressed when she wakes up to find she is holding Conan's hand and thinks to herself that it was pointless to hold hands with Shinichi. Haibara's internal dialogue reveals that Shinichi held her hand the entire time until she woke up, altering the shirt he wore as Shinichi so he wouldn't have to let go of her hand. Haibara thinks to herself that Ran's actions weren't pointless at all.
  • Episode 528 has Eri refusing to consider the idea of actually divorcing Kogoro.
  • Episode 566 has moments from both Conan and Kogoro that fit here:
  • Episodes 568-569 have a case that doubles as Shiratori's A Day in the Limelight episodes, revealing his reasons to be a policeman which are linked to a Genki Girl who, 20 years ago, changed his whole life for the better, and whom he believes to be Satou. The end of 569 is made of this trope, when Shiratori realizes that Ayumi has been saying and doing things he remembers from the time he met that girl. She tells him that her teacher Sumiko taught them to her, and as if on cue, Sumiko appears to fetch the kids; Shiratori's wide-eyed look when he sees Sumiko and recognizes her as the girl he's loved for so long says all.
    • Shiratori also has very cute interactions with Ai, Conan and the Detective Kids during this case. Not only he explains to them his actually sypathetic reasons to like Satou, but when he's stuck with the kids watching a Gomera movie by mistake, he doesn't mind in the end.
  • Episode 583 has some of the police workers getting upset over how close Takagi and Satou are getting, so they go to Shiratori for ideas on what to do. Shiratori proves he has sincerely moved on by saying they should leave the two alone while approving of their relationship. This foreshadows his very sweet Love Confession to Kobayashi two episodes later.
  • In episode 585, Shiratori's definitive Love Confession to Kobayashi, which is the corollary of the very intense case they were involved in, is maybe one of the sweetest, more heartfelt confessions of the whole series:
    "Since long before these children were born, I have been... in love with you."
  • Episode 590 has Kogoro getting Eri a necklace for her birthday but psyching her out by pretending to have not gotten her anything. He gives it to her a day late because he is used to associating her birthday with a Japanese holiday that had a date change and is depressed over this slip up but she takes it anyway and even gives him a kiss on the cheek.
  • Episode 609 ends with a White Day exchange between all the couples of the series:
    • The highlight is that Conan makes it look like Shinichi stopped by the agency to leave some white candy for Ran. The latter is doubly cute because his gift is white throat lozenge aka candy that doubles as throat medicine, since Ran had a bit of a cold during these days.
    • The bit with Shiratori is also very cute, since he goes completely adorkable when his friends notice he's purchased LOTS of candy for his girlfriend Kobayashi and he blushes while saying that he brought this much because he couldn't choose which one to give her. It doubles as Character Development for the guy: he more than once tried to use his riches to get an edge over Takagi over Sato in the past, but now that he's with Kobayashi he does it solely to make her happy.
  • During the climax of Demon Dog Case, when Conan rushes in front of proclaimed demon dog, the instant reaction of Ran and Kazuha (who were tormented by the said creature well before, and are scared of supernatural things to the teeth in general) is to rush to his aid.
  • Episode 628 has Conan choosing not to try and capture Kid because he exposed forgeries of artifacts that belonged to a historical figure Yukiko is a fan of.
  • Episode 639 reveals that the victim adopted a young girl as his granddaughter because her grandmother was his old love that he was prevented from marrying.
  • Episode 646 has Sonoko calling out Ran for not responding to Shinichi's confession in London, actually coming to his defenses on this one. Sonoko has repeatedly made it known that she is not a fan of Shinichi's for how his constant absence torments Ran but she recognizes that he deserves to be treated fairly in the relationship between himself and Ran.
  • Episode 649 has Ran preventing someone who is holding everyone in the agency hostage with bombs from being killed by police snipers, having faith that Shinichi can resolve things without anyone being killed.
  • Episode 770 has Kogoro running straight to Haido Hospital when he gets a text saying that Eri is in the hospital for surgery. To make the moment sweeter, he kept yelling out her name until he got to her room.
  • The Whole Episode Flashback of manga chapters 921-924 is made of this, as it depicts how Ran and Shinichi properly met:
    • Little Sonoko is confirmed as a Bully Hunter, defending Ran from a bully boy and his friends.
    • Shinichi acts like a Spoiled Brat, but towards the end of 922 he openly joins Sonoko when the bully attacks Ran again and goes as far as headbutting him for her sake.
    • Ran, who until then had not been very impressed by Shinichi's behavior, realizes that he had found out she was a victim of bullying, so he had kinda improvised a plan to protect her and make sure the bully wouldn't bother her anymore.
    • And towards the end of 922... The daycare worker in charge of Shinichi, Ran and Sonoko's class tells them why he takes the kids to play in a park that is a bit far from the daycare. it's because said park is near the clinic where his wife, an Ill Girl who loves kids, is hospitalized; he can't take her to the daycare, nor sneak the kids into the building, but he can take the kids out to play near her so she can see them from her window and not feel alone. The chapter finishes with all the kids waving to the ill lady to say hi to her, and then she shyly smiles and waves back. note .
    • 923 has very similar actions, but from Shinichi's POV. This reveals that he was not a Spoiled Brat - he genuinely wanted to approach Ran and befriend her, having realized on his own that she was lonely save for Sonoko's presence and that she was being bullied. He went as far as hiding his name tag and lying to his mom about having lost it, so he'd get a handmade one from Ran and be able to seal their budding friendship.
    • 924 is the last chapter of this "series", and it has Shinichi undoing the daycare worker's plan to kidnap Ran so he and his wife would raise her as a Replacement Goldfish of the daughter who ran away from their home. The cute part comes from how, as Yusaku manages to corner and subdue the would-be kidnapper during the kids's nap time, Shinichi is fully awake - and he is taking care of the sleeping Ran like a guard pup, determined to make sure no one will harm her.
  • In chapter 950, Professor Agasa makes up an excuse to avoid demonstrating how the Fusae Brand glass was used in the murder. His real reason was he didn't want to further damage something with Fusae's name on it.
  • Chapters 972-974 focus on how Masumi met Shinichi and Ran for the first time as children. This doubles as the first time she met Akai, her oldest brother. After spending time trying (and failing) to get Akai to laugh, Shinichi makes a guess as what Akai's occupation is... and that finally makes him laugh. He then requests that Shinichi and Ran play with Masumi. They're quickly interrupted by a case, but once it's all settled, the arc ends on a heartwarming note.
  • In chapter 991, an Osakan Identical Stranger to Shinichi named Soushi takes an interest in Ran (misinterpreting her reaction to him as interest, and to be fair he doesn't know about Shinichi). Heiji comically whacks Soushi upside the head with a kendo sword and tells him point blank "She's my best friend's gal. So hands off." Heiji may not understand why Shinichi treats his relationship with Ran the way he does but no one gets in the way of Shinichi's happiness while Heiji's around.
  • Chapter 1004 has Ran grabbing Shinichi by the tie and kissing him on the cheek. Even better, it happens in one of the most beautiful and better-known temples of Kyoto. It has to be seen to believed.

    Anime Specials 
  • The 2nd OVA has Heiji taking Kazuha with him in order to give Shinichi and Ran some time alone.
  • Lupin III vs Detective Conan has few moments.
    • While Conan is being questioned on how he stopped a poisoning attempt Kogoro has a pleasant "that's my boy" grin on his face.
    • Ran is convinced to switch clothes with Mira, the princess of a foreign country and the person whose life was saved by Conan, who she is a dead ringer for. When she sees her reflection she starts fantasizing about herself as an actual Princess and Shinichi being a Prince who does a Bridal Carry and announces to the kingdom that he will take Ran as his queen. During the fantasy, she says she would like to be married to Shinichi.
    • Conan runs into Lupin who has been sent on an errand to get drinks by Fujiko. Lupin gets angry that the machine just ate his money and performs Percussive Maintenance which causes drinks and money to fall out of the machine. Conan tells him stealing is wrong and leaves money for the drink he wanted. Lupin walks away with just the drinks he was sent for and comes back to drop off the money for those drinks.
    • At the end Lupin and his crew disguise themselves as members of the Japanese Embassy in order to sneak Conan back into Japan, as he doesn't have a passport.
  • OVA 10 has Kid being mistaken for Shinichi by the Detective Boys. He goes out of his way to protect them when things get dangerous and refuses to take off if it means leaving them in trouble. For his problems Conan says he won't try capturing Kid since he kept the Detective Boys safe.
  • Detective Conan Episode One includes an expanded adaption of Shinichi and Ran's fateful trip to Tropical Land (the very same one leading to what kicked off the entire plot) before the murder case on the roller coaster. It's quite adorable watching, yet also sad knowing what does eventually happen after this.
    • When the culprit angrily throws her bag at the victim’s girlfriend (who she’s tried to frame), Chiba swiftly swats it away. It’s a small, but nice gesture, considering the girl was having a pretty bad day at that point.

    TV Drama 
  • The first live action drama is filled with moments form Kogoro of all people. First when he hears that Sonoko was kidnapped while on a class trip he instantly heads there in order to help. Then he actually stops himself from getting into an argument with Shinichi so that Ran doesn't get upset. While the police are preparing for another announced kidnapping he asks Shinichi to look after Ran because he is being kept out of the building during the threat. Next he apologizes to Shinichi for hitting him after Ran has been kidnapped, which Shinichi takes well and responds that he deserved. Finally he thanks Shinichi for saving Ran from the kidnapper. Reminds you that for all of his faults Kogoro loves his daughter tremendously and really does want her to find happiness in life.
  • Shinichi gets a moment at the end when he thinks to himself that he didn't tell Ran about receiving a challenge letter from the kidnapper because he wanted her to enjoy the class trip without worry.
  • The second live drama special has a few moments:
    • First is when Ran is able to find Shinchi while he has temporarily returned to normal by identifying his hand when he is trying to escape her on the elevator. She knows him so well that this generic clue instantly proves its him to her.
    • Which is followed up by Ran hugging Shinichi from behind after she catches him in the elevator and asks if its him. He struggles with the desire to tell her for a bit before confirming it for her.
    • Later when Haibara talks about how she may never create a cure she says that if ten years pass and no cure is found she believes that Shinichi and Ran can overcome the age difference between them. Rather sweet for such a normally cynical girl.
    • Finally at the end Ran asks Conan if he thinks that Shinichi can see the moon shining during a clear night. Shinichi thinks to himself that he does see it, with Ran.
  • The first episode of the live action series has Ran saying she wants wedding photos, which just flusters Shinichi into acting Adorkable.
  • The third episode of the live action series has Eri being a Shipper on Deck for Ran and Shinichi by trying to recommend to him gifts to get for Ran, even describing the two as lovers.
  • At the end of the last episode of the live-action series, Ran expects Shinichi to be angry with her, since she drugged him and her father on the villain's orders. Shinichi knows that she only did it because the villain was holding Eri hostage though, and assures Ran he isn't angry. The two are so sweet together that even Kogoro is moved to tears and excuses himself from the room. Even more adorable, the excuse he uses to leave? He's going to check on Eri, whose location they got out of the villain.

  • In the first movie, The Time-Bombed Skyscraper, Ran spends the whole film talking about how she feels that she and Shinichi are connected by a red string of fate. During the climax, Ran has to disarm a bomb, but doesn't know whether to cut the red wire or blue wire. Conan realizes that the man who made the bomb knew that Ran's favorite color was red, and thus rigged the bomb to explode when she chose that color. In the end, Ran chooses the blue wire and the bomb doesn't go off. When Conan asks why she didn't pick the red wire, she alludes to not wanting to cut the red string between herself and Shinichi. Awww!
    • Earlier in the movie, Kogoro asks how Conan got a cell phone call from the criminal, when Shinichi was supposedly the one on the case. Conan covers by saying that Shinichi left the phone the criminal would contact with him, and Kogoro is angry that Shinchi left the phone with a kid (putting said kid in danger), instead of with an adult.
  • In the 2nd Movie, The Fourteenth Target, Ran learns the real reason Eri divorced her father—she made him a thank-you dinner after he saved her life, and he yelled at her, telling her that if that was the best she could cook, she should go to bed. It was actually his way of showing he cared; she'd been injured and he wanted her to rest up instead of cooking!
  • Movie 4 has Ran (who has retrograde amnesia) asking why Conan would go so far for her. Conan replies:
    "Because I love you. I love you. In this world, more than anyone else."
  • In Movie 6 a video game that Shinichi's father was working on has the character of Irene Adler, who is referred to as Holmes's one true love, modeled after Shinichi's mother.
  • Movie 7 has Shinichi managing to return to normal for a little while and he has a brief meeting with Ran before he uses his watch to knock her out because he is about to shrink back into Conan. When the transformation is about to wear off he tightly hugs Ran, clearly out of pain but it looks like he is giving her a goodbye embrace as well.
    • Shinichi wants to keep his presence in things concealed and doesn't want even Ran to know he was there. But when he sees how she thinks it was only a dream he decides to stage a small problem that causes her to find proof that she and Shinichi really did meet for real.
    • Heiji comparing himself and Shinichi to Yoshitsune and Benkei, a famous master and servant duo. He refers to himself as Benkei, a skilled warrior who was outdone by Yoshitsune and subsequently chose to become his servant, and refers to Shinichi as Yoshitsune. Heiji is basically saying that Shinichi is Always Someone Better to him which is incredibly warm of him considering how obsessed Heiji can get with outdoing him.
  • Movie 8 has Ran admitting her feelings for Shinichi directly to him. She had revealed them to Conan, who she doesn't know is Shinichi, but here she knows that she is talking to him and reveals how she feels about him. What's more is that she is piloting a plane that has next to no chance of landing safely so it is likely she wanted to tell Shinichi so she could die with no regrets.
  • Movie 9 has the Detective Boys making a gold medal out of seashells for Ran after hearing that Shinichi didn't send her a gift for winning a major karate tournament and it lets her save Conan from falling to his death near the end of the film. Conan thinks to himself that he was saved because of the Detective Boys kindness towards Ran.
  • Movie 11 (Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure) has some good Conan and Ai moments:
    • When Ai sees a boat speeding towards the shore, she uses her binoculars to take a closer look, and once she sees the bleeding body in the wetsuit, she tells Conan, knowing that Ran and Sonoko went out diving. She knows that he'll want to know about even the possibility that Ran's been hurt.
    • when Conan asks Ai to photograph the footprints, she snarks "Since when did I become your assistant?" He smiles back and says, "You're not my assistant, you're my partner." She smiles back and calls him a smooth talker.
    • as soon as Conan finds out that Ran has been kidnapped, Ai tells him sombrely, "Be careful." She knows Conan well enough to understand exactly how Conan will react, and knows she can't stop him. Conan nods in acknowledgment and replies, "I will." He knows Ai understands, and understands her worry for him in return.
    • the final shot of the Detective Boys in the film is Genta, Ayumi, Mitsuhide and Professor Agasa sleeping around the table in the main room, waiting for news of Ran, Sonoko and Conan. Ai is standing just outside the door, as she has been all night, watching and waiting.
  • Movie 11 also has the solution to the treasure of pirates Anne Bonney and Mary Read: it wasn't gold or jewels, it was a ship of their own. Anne built it and hid it for when Mary escaped from prison and joined her; what could be more precious to a pair of pirates who had been imprisoned than a ship of their own that they could sail wherever they liked? Also Heartwarming is the sign that it was meant for the two of them: the Jolly Roger flag, usually a skull over either crossed bones or crossed cutlasses, for this ship was a cutlass and flintlock pistol - the cutlass and pistol found on the island, with 'A' and 'M' on them, famous for being wielded by Anne and Mary.
  • Movie 20 has Curaçao sacrificing her life to protect Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi. And remember, this was ''after'' she regained her memories.
  • There's a small one in movie 22 where Conan and Amuro are driving straight towards a train, with Conan poking his head out of the window. Amuro pulls him back inside before maneuvering out of the way, in a manner that seems very similar to a parent/older sibling trying to get their kid/sibling out of trouble.

    Openings and Endings 
  • Opening 7, Mysterious Eyes, ends with the Detective Boys and Ran looking on gently finding a sleeping Conan.
  • Opening 31, Don't Wanna Lie, has a quick moment where Kobayashi-sensei is straightening Shiratori's tie, he's blushing, and they look into each others's eyes. Here's the moment.
  • Opening 39, DYNAMITE, after Conan saves Ran, she and Shinichi are floating in the air together. While doing so, they reach out and grab each other's hands.
  • Ending 10, Natsu no Maboroshi, ends on a collage of pictures from the play during the Desperate Revival arc, with focus on one of Shinichi and Ran together.
  • Ending 11, Start In My Life, ends with a continuation of the ending of Mysterious Eyes where Conan wakes up and goes off on an adventure with the Detective Boys and Ran.
    • Start In My Life is a generally uplifting song in general
  • Ending 31, Go Your Own Way, is Ran playing Loves Me Not with a flower. When she runs out of petals, her expression saddens... until Conan appears with a whole bouquet of flowers for her.
  • Ending 40, Your Best Friend, is just a young Shinichi and a young Ran riding a wood cart together. Both are smiling and enjoying each other's company.


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