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Heartwarming / Demon: The Descent

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  • The repeated subtle refrain that many demons either fall out of genuine love for humanity as a whole or human individuals, or come to care with truest devotion for human spouses, friends or children they acquire after falling, is pretty touching.
    • The opening fluff of the corebook features Ms. Book, a Destroyer (former assassin angel) who Fell because she came to love the human stigmatic, Kyle, she was sent to murder. Her final words to him before Going Loud to fight the angels who have come to kill him, answering why she fell? "I loved you."
      • Likewise, in the opening fluff for Flowers of Hell, a demon confesses his true nature to a human he cares for, preparing her so that he can come back in a new Cover and start a real relationship with her.
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    • In the corebook's "Comparing Notes" section, the entry Untimely is the Fall of a demon who spent twenty years being a loving family member and rearing a family. When his mission is finally complete, his Cover's ten-year-old granddaughter darts out in front of his Cover's car and is killed. So he willingly Falls to bring her back to life, so that he can spare his family the grief of losing both her and his former Cover in a single incident.
    • The fluff for chapter four of the corebook is another case of a demon willingly sacrificing his Cover to protect a human he cares for.
    • Several of the sample reactions to Falling in Flowers of Hell fit this theme, too. The Steel Messiah, who Fell due to being touched by the conviction of the human preacher pleading for it to not obey the God-Machine and destroy a village. Sentinel, a Saboteur who wants the God-Machine to burn for the five-year-old she spared only for it to kill him anyway. Mrs. Gem, who has forsaken the nihilistic cravings of her incarnation as the Arranger to instead be the mother of twin toddlers. The Deputy, a Demon who fell because she refused to leave her Cover because she'd come to see the sheriff as a little sister, especially the version who became Mrs. Kim and told the sheriff everything. Alice Kindler, whose dedication is to destroying whatever threatens her new mortal family and children.
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    • And in Night Horrors: Enemy Action, a demon Fell in the second she beheld the child she was supposed to adopt and realised she cared more about him than the God-Machine's entire plan. While neither of them has exactly had a great time since then, the demon still wants to find and help him, even though the Cover she used is in shreds.
  • For all of the Nightmare Fuel and Adult Fear in Heirs to Hell, it also has one of the greatest heartwarming lines in all of nWoD:
    A demon has no better opportunity for honesty than with a Fractal child, and because children take their parents as the norm, being honest with a Fractal is rarely met with judgment. A Fractal child isn’t afraid of her father’s red skin and metal eyes. A Fractal child doesn’t care how many scales made out of pennies her mother has instead of hair. That’s just mom and dad, and they are, to the Fractal, perfect.


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