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  • In his 1 million sub milestone video, he thanks his brother for introducing him to YouTube. He also takes the time to thank his subscribers and even says he loves all of them so much so that he doesn't care if people say it's gay for him to love his viewers, and if it is then he admits that he's gay.
  • The end of his video on bullying, where he actually stops being goofy and provides some advice.
    Deji: Bullying has a lot of consequences. It could lead to death. Think before you do things, that's what I'm saying. You should never use violence against bullies. If someone's bullying you continuously, I suppose to put the law into your own hands is one way of settling it, but it's not the best way. Don't just go around hurting people for your own amusement. If that is you, that's very messed up. That's disgusting, in fact. If you see someone being bullied, don't just watch. Step in and help the person. If you watch someone else get bullied, you're as bad as the person who is bullying. You don't just hurt one person when you bully someone, you're hurting a whole family. If you knew that your son was being bullied at school, you would feel crushed. And for those who are being bullied, I promise, it does get better. This is a promise, a Deji promise. Trust me, it does.
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  • In his Facebook video when Deji criticizes guys who post shirtless pictures, since he says that they're putting down people who don't have bodies that are as toned.
  • In this video, Deji checks out old Wayback Machine archives of his channel. Near the end, he thanks his subscribers for helping him get this far, even having to get himself not to cry.
  • In mid-2017, Deji thought of quitting after seeing his haters become more vocal in the comment sections. Within the span of two days, however, he received enough support from his fans to carry on with his videos, and posted a video where he wins multiple blue cards in his FIFA pack opening.
  • Deji interacting with some German Shepherd puppies as part of a suggestion to get a dog.
  • Despite all the beef leading up to the fight, Deji congratulates Jake Paul on his victory and Jake also congratulates Deji for putting up one hell of a fight.

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