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Heartwarming / Day of the Dead (1985)

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  • After the horrifying scene where the William and Sarah find out Logan's been feeding Bub the remains of Rhodes' men as positive reinforcement; there is a touching scene where Logan closes the door and says goodnight to Bub, smiling like a proud parent. Of course the plot and Rhodes ruin the moment by killing Logan later on.
  • Earlier in the same scene, Logan has Bub listen to some classical music. When Logan tries to take the headphones away, Bub grabs his arm. Logan gets startled, but Bub quickly calms down and embraces his arm instead, which really drives home the fact that he sees Logan as a father figure.
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  • It's also a Tearjerker, but Steele of all people gets a surprisingly​ touching scene when Miller is bitten by a Zombie. He's legitimately ​concerned about Miller, who asks him for a Mercy Kill so that he won't reanimate. Steele silently obliges, and this is the only scene in the film that portrays him in a positive light.


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