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Heartwarming / Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues

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  • After the empowering incident, Ivy and Luna reconcile after years of drifting apart.
    [W]hat Ivy tried and failed to articulate was true. Compared to even all of their other conversations combined, this was the longest. And Ivy loved it.
  • Kwang is exactly as adorable as you'd expect from a young grey squirrel. His antics are very good at drawing out the softer side of characters that interact with him.
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  • Sarah Travers, the government agent meant to capture the kids, takes a few minutes out of her day to help Josephine with her self-esteem issues.
  • Amy's enthusiasm is so infectious that even Finn acts nicer towards her.
  • Destiny reassuring Jenna after the latter breaks down sobbing about her new bug form.
    Destiny: You're still the Jen I know and love, and the Jen I know and love is going to fix whatever happened to her, and she's not going to let that stop her.
  • Zia breaks down from the shock of killing Daigo's monster. Sensing that words are inadequate, Ciro wraps her in a hug until she's able to recover.
  • Luna used to have a fear of dogs. The reason she got over it was because Ivy got a dog, and Luna wouldn't have been able to visit her best friend otherwise.
  • Upon discovering that his siblings can't sleep due to their terrifying encounter with a monster, Ciro sleeps in their room for the night to offer them some comfort.
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  • Combined with a sense of sadness is when the dying Carlie reminds Kwang of his mother, who was run over a few days ago, prompting him to scurry over and lick her cheek. Hyeon then carries Carlie up to the roof, showing softness unlike him as he tries to distract her from the injury.
  • Nadine showing an unusual amount of tenderness as she promises to protect Josephine and pleads with her to help. Josephine in turn is able to work through her paranoia and trust Nadine, giving her the confidence to brave the school evacuation. From Josephine's inner monologue:
    "How can you trust her? Do you want to get hurt again?"
    "She is here. That's enough. And, no. I will not hurt again."


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