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  • Life Is Strange
    • After he rescues Kate from jumping off the building, Kate gives a very emotional apology. If you listen closely, you can hear Dash give a quiet and concerned "Oh!"
    • Dashie chooses to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, saving Chloe's life. While he acknowledges that perhaps it isn't the best choice in the bigger picture, he firmly defends his choice by stating that he went through so much just for her because she's Max's friend. He then tells his viewers that if it were any of them, he would save them too.
      • In one of his rare moments of seriousness, Dashie also thanks his viewers for watching his videos and that he loves them all for supporting him. If you listen closely, you can tell that he's pretty emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Mario Kart 8
    • When he picks Lakitu as his character, Dash comments how he looks like a "cool nerd" and takes a genuine liking to him. He tells his viewers that most nerds aren't as lame as most people assume they are, and that if they see someone sitting alone at lunch, they should go over and talk to them.
  • Dashie makes frequent comments about staying and working hard in school. He admits that he wasn't a good student when he was younger, but it's nice to see him learn from his mistakes to help his younger viewers.
    • Case in point, in one of his vlogs, he encounters a group of kids who skipped school to attend a convention to see him. While he's flattered, Dashie calls them out on this and asks them why they're not in school in a pretty disapproving tone.
  • In a livestream of Friday the 13th: The Game, Dashie played with two players under the names "SCARFY" and "DAvid". SCARFY and DAvid were very excited to meet Dashie, and told him how his videos make them laugh everyday. They even joined in on trying to bribe Jason. When Jason killed SCARFY, Dashie was genuinely sad that he couldn't talk to SCARFY for the rest of the game. After the game, SCARFY legitimately began to cry, saying that meeting Dashie and playing a game with him made it the greatest day of his life. Dashie was very touched by this, and told SCARFY that he'd be in the video after it's posted, making it a permanent reminder of that day.
    • Because of all of the positive comments about SCARFY, as well as his own love for him, Dashie brought him in again for an episode of Friday the 13th. Watch here;
      • Since playing together, SCARFY and Dashie have remained friends on Steam. He even sent Dashie a friendly message during another livestream.
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  • When playing Super Castlevania IV on the SNES Mini, Dashie was overwhelmed with nostalgia while listening to Simon's theme music. He strongly complimented the composer and asked to know his name. Konami themselves gave him the answer, with an offer to give him the game's entire soundtrack on vinyl as a gift.

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