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Heartwarming / Dark Fates Foretold

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Because between god-punching and groin-kicking, there are times when you can only go "D'aaawwww"

  • After taking backlash from Resonance, Lost was incredibly weak and in pain. Even worse, the group couldn't find any dead humans to sate Lost's hunger for Essence. So Rita, being the Team Mom that she is, offered her own Essence to Lost to keep her going. Needless to say, Lost was incredibly touched by Rita's offer.
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  • During the fight in the Bayou, half of the group is forced to fight to protect Eye and Seven Despairs, because Meticulous Owl, braying jackass that he is, installed bombs into Lost's new dental work. However, the new teeth was made of moonsilver. Captain Waves, being a Moonsilver Alchemical, hatched an idea. Waves managed to convince Lost through a very conversation, to fake an attack on Waves, biting her arm. Waves then, fighting the pain, attuned to the teeth, shapeshifting them and uninstalling the bombs. Lost thanked Waves for taking the risk to save her.
  • After the timeskip, the group, thanks to Rinuko's Sidereal shenanigans, look over Sami Tulinuna's new life... right up to the point where Immaculates break in, kill the "Anathema" Sami was hiding, beat Sami to a pulp and leave her for dead. The group then helplessly watches as a demon coerces her to join the Yozis' side, encasing her in a Chrysalis for her evolution into an Infernal Exalted. Naturally, everyone is devastated by the turn of events. However, Duskor, proving that he IS a good guy, after all, not only comforts Rinuko and Rita, outright resisting his "Hellish Pupils" mode for the former, but then tells everyone off for letting the demon get to them like this, saying that that's exactly what it wants and that he won't let it do that to him, swearing an oath to get Rita's daughter back somehow. The fact that Duskor was on the "Anti" side of Anti-Hero at the start of this adventure shows how far he's gone.


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