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  • In the novel Angels of Darkness, which revolves around Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas' vidication of a Fallen Angel Merir Astelan, the chaplain is repeatedly mocked by the latter about how the Dark Angels have forgotten their duty to guard mankind against the Imperiums enemies (Chaos, Xenos etc). Astelan goes so far as to accuse his interrogator of being consumed by their search for redemption at any and all costs (which is basically what the DA have been doing post-heresy).
    • In the finale of the novel, Boreas and his team find themselves tricked and outsmarted by their traitorious kin, having released a fail-safe life-eater virus that could wipe out the entire planet's population if released from their Chapter keep. Boreas, who is furious at the situation, vows to punish the the Fallen for this trickery but just before he marches to the exit, seems to recall Astelans words about his duty to mankind. In a bid of ultimate selflessness, the chaplain decides to remain in the keep to contain the virus, sacrificing himself and his team to save untold billions on Piscina V. Boreas' resolve is further tested when he executes his own Apothecary who placed the needs of the Chapter over the planet's population, and attempted to escape the keep.
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    • What is most significant is that Boreas as an interrogator chaplain, whose expected to be the most fanatical in the pursuit and prosecution of the fallen, boldly reminds himself and his brothers that they are space marines, guardians of mankind. Readers of Angels of Darkness will know that is a dramatic change from Boreas' usual character, and goes to show that even the Dark Angels are not beyond reason and sound judgement.

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