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  • Twilight's first attempt at oneiromancy is less than effective, being unable to bring anything into focus beyond Spike and Luna, and unable to talk or hear, but:
    Twilight: At least we managed to get a good long hug in.
  • When she receives word that Twilight was rescued by Chrysalis, Celestia flies straight over from Canterlot and demands to see her.
  • Big Mac has absolutely no ill will towards Morpheus at all. He knows that Applejack knows about his species, and trusts her.
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  • The reactions to Third Eye/Father Arachne's true form. Not the fear or disgust he was expecting, but genuine appreciation of the unique beauty of it, however the particular character interpreted it.
  • Hera, Webber and Spi breaking centuries of tradition and lifelong indoctrination to be there for Morpheus while he needs them.
  • The second part of Night of the Living Changelings, with Twilight and Morpheus' Big Damn Kiss, Relationship Upgrade and his Chrysalling.
  • Tibia, Phera and Mone deliberately letting themselves be seen fleeing the mob, to protect their neighbours.
  • Morpheus finally getting a taste of Hera's Undying Loyalty nearly floors him.note