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Heartwarming / Crush

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  • Scott's kindness towards Bess early in the movie, and his refusal to be harsher than necessary.
  • Since she's first introduced as a Troubled Abuser, Bess has her moments.
    • The tissue scene is extremely sweet, and shows that, to a degree, she understands how wrong she was to cause trouble in Jules and Scott's life.
    • This cute hilarious part.
      Jeffrey: I would have helped you cover it up.
      Bess: You would have helped me. Cover up. Murdering my parents. (as he awkwardly looks down, she turns away and smiles, visibly pleased)
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    • Bess getting over Scott.
    • Secret admirer, uh ? and the kiss
  • Jules's understanding girlfriend dynamic. She's really nicer than most Lovable Alpha Bitch.
    • The fact that, unlike Scott, she knows Bess's name and cares enough to notice what sort of clothes she's wearing and how she feels.
  • Scott's apology to Bess and Jeffrey.

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