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Heartwarming / Crimson AU

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  • The development of Makoto and Akira's developing relationship. You can see how they are slowly starting to like each other beyond being mere friends.
  • Akira's relief when Ryuji believes his story, without condition or question. After weeks of being condemned as a criminal on hearsay, he's found a friend who believes him.
  • Akira saving Makoto from Kamoshida even if it did earn him a beating from the horrible teacher.
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  • Akira's gift of a Buchimaru-kun pencil case after Kamoshida's assault. Makoto cries tears of joy after receiving it.
  • Ann and Shiho's reunion after Kamoshida is dealt with. Even Akira is moved by it to the point that he doesn't mind that Ann filled Shiho in on their secret identities.
  • Whatever Sae's faults (her many, many faults) as a caretaker and guardian, it's a delightful and uplifting moment when she realizes what her sister has been through and takes the time to listen and help her sister as the Cool Big Sis that she is, not the neglectful and emotionally absent caretaker she's become. When she learns that Kobayakawa has been blackmailing her little sister, Sae promptly proceeds to tear him apart.
  • Tae's concern for Akira's well being between treating his injuries from the beating by Kamoshida to telling him to see a therapist after witnessing a disturbing sight.
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  • After Makoto confesses to Haru that she's been using her as to spy on Akira, Haru forgives her and says she still wants to be friends.
  • Speaking of Haru, when Akira comes looking for a job at the flower shop, she mentions nothing of Akira's criminal record, vouches for him as decent person and asks if Makoto liked the pencil case.
  • After being repeatedly told that he needs to get a therapist, Akira finally finds a confidant he can vent his issues to through Lalah.
  • Morgana tries to stay unseen by Haru and Makoto in order to push them off the trail in their investigation of the Phantom Thieves, but when Sugimura is about to assault Haru, Morgana comes to her rescue, blowing his cover.
  • Akira finally reveals the circumstances behind his probation to the third year girls. Haru reacts by hugging him.

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