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Heartwarming / Crime and Punishment

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  • Any time Raskolnikov gives money to some poor person on the street. Even though he himself is poor and needs the money, and he criticizes himself for "throwing away" much-needed roubles, when he sees grief and suffering, his first instinct is to help.
    • Special mention goes to Marmeladov's death scene. Raskolnikov recognizes him, gets him home and promises to pay for the doctor. After Marmeladov dies, Raskolnikov declares himself his friend, leaves all his money to the widow and offers his help.
  • Raskolnikov's attitude towards Sonya. While most people look down on her because she is a hooker, he recognizes her actions as a Heroic Sacrifice and shows nothing but compassion and respect towards her, to the point of saying that he did his sister honour making her sit beside Sonya or kissing her foot.
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  • Rodion finally confesses to Sonya that he murdered Alyona and Lizaveta, the latter of whom was her friend. Her reaction? To throw her arms around him and exclaim "No-one on earth is more miserable than you!" Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • After treating Razumikhin terribly and trying to use him against Porfiry Petrovich for most of the book, Raskolnikov finally tells Razumikhin that he is a good man and Dunya does like him, successfully convincing him he does not need to go out and binge drink.

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