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Heartwarming / Cowboys & Aliens

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  • Jake and Ella sharing a laugh after they drag themselves out of the river.
  • The kid and the dog, and all the Pet the Dog moments they inspire.
  • Doc giving an impromptu eulogy for Meacham, despite his own professed lack of faith.
    "Uh, Lord... if there is such a thing as a soul, this man had a good one. Please protect it. Made me feel better... world was a better place for having him."
    • "Good words."
  • When everyone is reunited with their kidnapped loved ones at the end. Doc and his wife, the kid and his grandpa, Dolerhyde and his son...
  • Nat sticking up for Dolerhyde to the Indian chief.
    "You despise battle, but would never run from it. And you are a fierce warrior worthy of any fight."
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  • Seeing how the town has become a nicer place in the end, thanks to the gold they found because of the aliens.
  • The Reveal that Jake quit his old gang because he fell in love with Alice.
  • When Ella kisses Jake. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • Actually, nearly every scene between Ella and Jake after the group takes shelter in the abandoned steamboat has the potential to fall under this trope.
  • Dolerhyde calling Nat his son.
  • Dolerhyde taking advantage of Percy's amnesia to hopefully raise him right this time around.
  • After Ella comes back to life and emerges naked, everyone does a Jaw Drop...except for Jake, who immediately looks for a blanket and gives it to her.
  • Dolerhyde and the sheriff clearing Lonergan's criminal record.

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