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Heartwarming / Cory Williams

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  • Cory's more serious and inspirational type videos, where he encourages his viewers to smile and have a good day as often as possible.
  • What Kitties Dream About.
  • Cory and Kate finally becoming a couple after having gotten much closer in the year after Cory's divorce. (Sadly, they broke up sometime later.)
    • Cory and Stephanie in the post-separation vlogs. They'd been separated for a while at this point, but they're still getting along very well.
  • Seeing Cory, after two failed relationships, finally Happily Married and settled into a place where he's truly happy.
  • Cory's sheer joy over the prospect of becoming a dad. He dotes on his pregnant wife, has made several videos discussing the progression of her pregnancy and is looking forward to the baby's birth.
  • Kristen knows baby Chell is a Daddy's Girl and admits to a bit of jealousy but is genuinely okay with it.
  • Cory makes a song about how Kristen saved Penny from the junkyard, and a few videos later they confirm that yes, this is true. The poor dog was foraging for scraps after (they believe) her owner passed away and left her alone, but Kristen rescued her and took her in and she's been a happy dog ever since.