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Heartwarming / Consequences Of Unoriginality

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  • In the prologue, Celestia questions Emeris about what he's willing to do to break his curse and pushes him to the point where he asks to exile himself to avoid anypony getting hurt should the two of them come to blows. She immediately switches to comfort mode, reducing him to tears with the words, "Calm your heart, my not-so-little pony."
    That did it. The dam snapped. She’d never claimed me as one of her own. Not once. And whatever tenuous hold I had on my emotions shattered as I began to bawl like a child.
    • The relationship between the two is even more moving in Twisted Reflections of Consequences: The Despair of Gary Stu. In the original, Celestia is the only one completely immune to the curse that causes everypony else to adore and worship "Gary", and while she does care about Emeris, she generally chooses to treat him coldly as a contrast to everypony else's adoration, to help keep him sane — something he knows and deeply appreciates. In Twisted Reflections of Consequences, the same curse causes everypony to hate him instead. Again, Celestia is the only immune to the curse, and she tries to give him all the comfort and reassurance he needs.
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    • In the final chapter of Consequences of Unoriginality, this is brought to a new level when Emeris admits to thinking of Celestia as a mother.
  • When suffering from the Gary Stu Effect, Emeris had one safe outlet — a cat, which like all cats wasn't subservient in the least. Droolykins is funnydorable.
  • Fluttershy, after overcoming her fear and distrust of Emeris, treats the burn that Twilight gave him, then "introduces" herself to him upon learning why he had been going by an alias the last two years. It does a lot to lift him out of the depression the morning had left him in.
  • Emeris overcoming part of his trauma to kiss Rainbow Dash after their date was moving, particularly considering how deep his issues run.
  • Following their merging and subsequent separation, Emeris and Twilight instantly form a close friendship. Of course, considering that they were briefly two minds in one body, merging into a single mind, it was already clear they would be.
    • This is particularly notable in the early chapters of the sequel, as a good deal of it is focused on Emeris and Twilight.
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  • Consequences of Darkness has the Mane 6 standing up to defend Emeris's talents because he couldn't stand up for himself. Less heartwarming was his trauma-conditioned response.
  • Rarity's friendship with Emeris, post curse. Her empathy and ability to read Emeris comes in handy on more than one occasion, and she spends a lot of time looking after both his physical and mental well-being.

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