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  • Even though Ruki spent most of the episode worrying about her autograph session, when it does happen, it's a touching reminder of what it means to have fans who support her, and to learn how her work brightened up their lives. It really does go a long way to show why she draws what she does for her fans.
  • After spending most of Episode 8 fretting about what effect her harsh criticism has on Kaos, Mayu sends Kaos a message of support.
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  • During the New Year's celebration, the girls at the dorm cook some potatoes, but need some paper to help start a fire, so they reluctantly turn to sacrifice their old manuscripts. Kaos, however, comes and brings out several bags full of her own rejected manuscripts, not wanting the others to have to burn their own workl.
  • When Kaos' mother visits the dorms, it's revealed that Kaos was as much of a crybaby as a young child as she is as a teenager, but she stopped crying when she drew manga. It's proof that even if Kaos hasn't had much success as a manga artist, she really does love drawing.
  • While Kaoruko's mother goes to some fairly embarrassing lengths to support her daughter, from handing out her daughter's manga at her store to calling her "Kaos-sensei" instead of by name, you can see that she unconditionally supports her daughter in what she does. She even offers to let Kaos come home if she wants, but respects Kaos' decision to stay at the dorm.
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  • The fact that Kaos actually made a good manga out of her experiences at the dorm is heartwarming in several ways. Not only is it proof of how far she's come as a manga artist, but one may recall that one of her biggest shortcomings is that because she hasn't had many friends growing up, she doesn't know how normal people act (which is why many of her characters act just like her). Her time at the dorms has enabled her to learn a little more about art, gain some life experience, and meet some dear friends.

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