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Heartwarming / Code Geass: Cornelia of the Defection

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  • After interrogating Lelouch thoroughly in chapter 1, Cornelia asks him for a hug because she hasn't seen him in seven years.
  • After the scene where Cornelia and Guinevere, as children, finish beating each other up, the scene that follows with Marianne and Cornelia afterwards is this.
  • Also in chapter 4 there's the scene with Nonette and Cornelia first becoming friends and all the Les Yay that comes with it.
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  • There's also the really sweet scene where Nunnally, only a few years old at the time, runs over to see Cornelia and face faults into the ground. Cornelia and Lelouch's Big Sibling Instinct brings good feels vibes.
  • In chapter 6 there are two big ones:
    • There's the scene with Lelouch and CC where the two discuss the former's current position in having a family again.
      • And about each other. Lelouch telling CC she is among the people he cares about definitely brings the feels train.
    • And then we have Lelouch and Cornelia's scene prior to that bringing Lelouch's trust issues to a head. This scene also doubles as a Tear Jerker

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