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  • Angus starts to panic while trying to treat a patient going into anaphylactic shock, and Jesse tells him to sing something to calm himself down. Angus starts singing "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed, and as he starts to calm down and do the procedure properly, the other nurses around him join in at the chorus.
  • Christa places an infant next to his still-sedated mother, hoping that he'll be the first thing he sees when she wakes up, when he starts to crash — just as the mother starts waking up. The mother starts to panic, but Christa immediately jumps into actionnote  while telling the mother that she is going to save her baby. She does.
  • Dr. Rorish treats the man who plays Mufasa in The Lion King and happily shares how she'd take her son to see the musical every time the company came to Los Angeles and how her son became so obsessed with owning a lion that her husband took their dog to a groomer to get a lionesque hair cut. This is the first time Rorish speaks about her family in a context outside of their fatal accident.
    • From the same episode; the Lion King cast gathers at the bed of a comatose elderly man whose son has opted to finally take him off life support, and sings "He Lives In You" as the doctors turn the machines off.
  • Campbell is a Jerkass to everyone else, but he has a nice Pet the Dog moment when doing a follow-up exam on Roseline, the Hatian girl with the spinal tumor. He teases her sweetly in French.
    • Also an example of Fridge Brilliance: we learn in Season 2's "Ave Maria" that Campbell is a single parent and his daughter Emily, who is about the same age, has spina bifida. No wonder he has so much empathy for Roseline.
  • In "Doctors With Borders", when they can finally tear down the plastic so the rest of the ER can rush into the quarantine area and start manual respirations, who is the one patient Leanne Rorish makes a beeline for? Asra Hudson, Neal's mother. She doesn't even hesitate. The entire episode had been a showcase of just how strong Neal and Leanne's friendship is; this just cements it.
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  • "You think [Jesse]'s all you have, but you're wrong, Leanne. You have me. You have all of us."
  • Leanne's gentle condolences to CEO Ed Harbert after his girlfriend Gina's death. They may argue, but their respect and caring for each other is plain to see.
  • Season 2 shows just how much Mario and Angus's relationship has grown, with Mario convincing Angus to stand up for himself and Angus reaching out to comfort Mario when he's at his lowest.
  • When Mike is in surgery, and their father is a wreck, it's Angus who comforts him, despite the fact that the old bastard has displayed nothing but contempt for Angus in their every previous scene together.
  • When Leanne, devastated after Jesse is (ultimately temporarily) fired, is talking to Ethan on the roof, she remarks sadly that "Jesse's gone, you're gone..." (having assumed Ethan would be accepting a job offer to return to the front lines). Ethan — with whom Leanne has become very close friends — gently informs her that he isn't going anywhere.
    Leanne: [with a heartbreaking expression of relief] I'm glad.
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  • "I want you to save me."

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