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Heartwarming / Cissnei's Path

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  • Aerith and Elmyra's relationship as a whole, despite the circumstances of how they came to know one another. Aerith's mother begged Elmyra for help and she took her in without a second thought.
    • As the final battle approaches, Elmyra admits that she doesn't want anything else but for Aerith to live and return to her.
  • Chapter 33: Aerith laying the vengeful ghosts of the Gi Tribe to rest, while Nanaki comes to terms with his father's ghost before he passes on, and reuniting with Deneh.
  • Chapter 44: Yuffie finally sits down and have a reasonable talk with her father that doesn't devolve to one yelling at the other.
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  • Chapter 61: Aerith tries to reason with Shelke to stop her from activating the bomb that would have killed her by relating to her.
  • Chapter 66: Crimson and Cloud have Their First Time.
  • Chapter 68: Aerith reunites with her mother for the first time since leaving Midgar.
    • Jessie and Biggs are now a couple and with a baby on the way.
    • Yuri managed to give Yuffie a confession that he'd like to be next to her for the rest of his life, all but saying he's in love with her. Yuffie basically tells him that she'd be relying on him when she comes back from war.

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