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Heartwarming / Circumstances Series

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  • Thranduil telling Bard how Sigrid and Tilda are coping with life in the Woodland Realm, and revealing that Tilda has renamed one of his horses "Sunshine". The horse in question is a black stallion.
  • Bain misinterprets one of Imrahil's mock assassination attempts and thinks he's really trying to kill Bard. Bain reacts to this by aiming an arrow at Imrahil.
    Bain: You let him go right now!
  • Bard and Imrahil are both injured in a raid. Once Bard regains consciousness, they go right back to sniping at each other. Then...
    Bard: I'm glad that you're well.
    For a little while Imrahil studied him. Then he bowed his head, cupped his hand to his chest in the Elvish salute and left.


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