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  • Even though Marty was only a stranger when he first met the gang, they warmly welcomed him and always treated him like family and like he was always a part of them.
  • Marty's parents being openly accepting of Marty coming out as gay with his mother already aware and his father a bit skeptical, but he accepted it openly nonetheless. Although his grandma was a bit upset, she didn't mind because she has other grandchildren.
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  • Ken, after going for most of the early issues resenting Marty for "stealing" Taye from him (and mocking him for his weight), finally sees what a good man he is after Marty accepts his free pass to the gym (and impresses the hell out of him with his stamina). End result, he defends him from the homophobic assholes at the gym and afterward makes up with Marty to become his true friend in a moment that's also quite amusing. This also leads to the CMOA where standing up to said homophobic assholes results in their ringleader getting beaten up in the boxing ring by Gus.
  • In issue #6, Paulie fears his husband's son, who had been born out of wedlock without his father's knowledge when he came out of the closet and broke up his engagement, would hate him. That same otter boy had moved into the boarding house and Paulie could barely speak with him for hear of facing his hate. However, when the boy finally initiates some conversation, Paulie finds that not only do they have a mutual liking for The Beatles, but also that the boy and his mother never hated him. In fact, they liked him for inadvertently preventing a loveless marriage and the boy makes it clear that he considers Paulie a beloved uncle. And then eventually, his own second father.
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  • John, Arthur, and Marty got drunk and stoned and Taye was away on performance tours. John ruined Arthur's secret that Arthur liked Marty and pressured Marty into kissing him, and even in the heat of the moment when Marty kissed Arthur, Arthur knew he couldn't betray Taye because he was like family to him. He refused to do anything with Marty and reasonably scolded John for his behavior.
  • Marty isn't proficient with speaking, which leads Taye to believe he had sex with Arthur. Marty then types on his computer what he wants to say to Taye and falls asleep. Taye then reads Marty's computer and accepts his wish for love. When Marty explains that he only kissed Arthur, Taye is relieved and laughs because he thought Marty did more than that and that Marty was being ridiculous over a little kiss.
  • Jason warming up to Paulie after he accepts the fact that he has two fathers and they love each other and him very much.He even calls him "Dad" and even got to tell him "I love you, Dad." just before Paulie passed away and he died happy with all of his friends and family around him.
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  • Jason's subplot with his love and affection for Becky, a girl at his school that he likes. He is a typical stoic and trash-talking teenager but then he gets embarrassed when he blushes and talks about with Linda.
  • Despite Douglas not being there while he grew up, Jason still loved Doug as a dear father. Doug loved him back and they always supported each other throughout the story.
  • The whole household helping Douglas cope with his loss in The Years Keep Rolling By.
  • Ken finally confessing his backstory to Paulie. Not only does Paulie reassure him he did nothing wrong, did not encourage his uncle's sexual abuse, and that he did not hate him for it, but Ken confesses he had lied during their argument at the end of issue 7—he did see Paulie as the father he never had. That part of the story ends with Ken and Paulie sharing a long embrace, and later when Paulie is on his death-bed, Ken once more reiterates how he views Paulie and Paulie gets to tell him he's proud of who he's become. It's Paulie's love and example which convinces Ken to try again with Michael, and to have him move in with him at 6 Kinsey Circle.