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  • When Arnie tells Dennis the reason he bought Christine because he found something uglier than himself, Dennis replies, "You're not ugly". Which is true. Arnie isn't ugly.
  • As much of an asshole Darnell is, it was pretty sweet that he offered Arnie a job in exchange for free car parts to fix Christine and a few bucks. Even if the sweet moment only lasted five seconds.
  • The descriptions Dennis gives of his early friendship with Arnie, and how much he misses his friend when the latter undergoes a personality change.
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  • There's something kind of poignant about the scene in the film where Arnie talks to Christine after Buddy and his cronies trash her. Say what you will about Arnie's change in behavior at that point, but the way he cares about his car getting wrecked would be enough for anyone who just got their first car damaged in some way to identify with Arnie. This could be enough to even border as a Tear Jerker.
  • Arnie and Dennis's friendship. As the story goes on, Arnie becomes more and more obsessed with Christine, coming to value her over his parents (who, to be fair, are controlling jerkasses) and his new relationship with Leigh. However, it is his friendship with Dennis, which at the start of the story is portrayed as perhaps the best relationship Arnie has before he purchases Christine, which persists throughout. The two friends certainly drift apart, yet Arnie still goes to see Dennis in the hospital after he has been injured. He also goes to visit him on Thanksgiving. While Dennis notes at this point that he hasn't seen Arnie in a while, it still says quite a lot that Arnie apparently valued his friendship with Dennis so much that even under Christine's influence, he still cared about him.
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  • Dennis comforting Leigh with a hug after she talks about her suspicions about Christine and the attempt the vehicle made on her life.
  • A deleted scene set after Arnie drops off Christine at Darnell's has him breaking down and Dennis comforting him. It pretty nicely shows how much Dennis cares for Arnie.


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