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Heartwarming / Chrestomanci

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Charmed Life

  • Chrestomanci, the most powerful magic-user in the world, has been weakened by a mass of enemy witches and sorcerers, and has to call on his magic support staff for back-up. But even they're not enough to turn the tide, so Chrestomanci and his allies put all their effort into summoning Chrestomanci's wife, Millie, the most powerful enchanter in the world after Chrestomanci and his apprentice. The look that crosses Chrestomanci's face highlights just how deep their relationship is.
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  • Janet choosing to stay in World 12-A after realising that her double who had replaced her in her own world was better off in 12-B.

Witch Week

  • In Witch Week, a handful of kids in a boarding school classroom discover they are witches. This is a problem, as the world they are in still practices witch hunts and burnings. Chrestomanci (a powerful enchanter) explains that this world shouldn't even exist, and should be merged back into the world it originally belonged. One child, Charles, contests this and becomes extremely self-centered about his magic, seemingly enough to be seen as the start of a career as an evil warlock, when he discovers this would mean he would lose his magic. In the end, in a rather moving scene, he's the one that ends up instigating the merging in a change of heart, but loses his memories before he could apologize to Chrestomanci. Chrestomanci thanks him anyway in the newly united world (though Charles has no idea who he is) before leaving himself.

The Lives of Christopher Chant

  • Christopher reclaims the soul of Mordecai Roberts (Tacroy).
    "What has Tacroy done to make himself yours?"
    "He lied for me for a whole day. And he was believed."
  • Mother Proudfoot genuinely cares about the Goddess and wants her to be safe and happy and not killed to pave the way for a new Living Asheth. Instead of taking the Goddess back to Series 10 like the Goddess fears, she wishes her former ward well, accepts her choice and gives Gabriel DeWitt a chest of priceless diamonds to pay for the Goddess' education in a private boarding school.

Stealer of Souls

  • Gabriel mentioning that Christopher's last life is in Millie's wedding band. The obvious heartwarming here is the fact that Christopher literally trusts his wife with his life, but there's also the fact that Gabriel believes it's much safer with her than it was when he kept it locked away in his own safe. It says a lot about how much he trusts Millie and seems to approve of her and Christopher's relationship.

Conrad's Fate

  • Conrad and Millie are having fun bemoaning Christopher's Jerkass tendencies, when Millie mentions that the most annoying thing about Christopher is that he never remembers someone's name if they're not important to him. And Conrad realizes, with a guilty jolt, that Christopher has never once forgotten his name.
    Conrad: But I've never known him to do anything really nasty. I think he's all right underneath. And he makes me laugh.
    Millie: Oh, me too. I do like him, you understand. I just find him maddening most of the time.
  • Why is Christopher at the castle? To look for Millie. What does Christopher intend to do when he finds Millie? Why, to look after her for the rest of his life, of course.

The Pinhoe Egg

  • When the little griffin has to decide if it rather wants to spend his life with Cat or it's Mother
    "Mine," he said. "Cat mine."
  • When Chrestomanci went missing, everyone was deathly worried, most of all Millie. When he reappears, she's the first to fling her arms around him, followed by the entire castle who crowd around and ask if he's all right. The joyful reunion is then interrupted by Chrestomanci heartily complaining that no, he is not all right.