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  • Hank Voight may or may not be a genuinely dirty cop, is liberal with his use of police brutality, and is quick to pull the trigger. But when a young boy comes to him to try and get away from the gang life, Voight goes out of his way to find the kid a new home, make sure he'll be left alone, and provide enough money for him to start a new life.
    • In Season 2, he helps a former CI and her son relocate to Canada to have a fresh start because he realized that although they were good people, they wouldn't be able to live on the straight and narrow in their neighborhood.
  • Antonio's wife Laura, asking him to invite his High-Class Call Girl confidential informant Jasmine to dinner - not so she can mark her territory, but to thank her for helping find Diego.
    Jasmine: This is the first time a man's wife has ever thanked me.
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  • Burgess and Atwater's conversation at the end of 1x04
    Burgess: Sometimes I think I'm too nice to be a cop.
    Atwater: (touching her shoulder) You got a big heart, all right? Don't apologize for that.
  • Ollinsky and his daughter dancing in the yard because she was suspended from the school's father-daughter dance.
  • Detective Erin Lindsay's whole arc helping Nadia, especially because it's hinted that Nadia reminds her of herself when she as younger, before Voight helped her, and her crying as she watches Nadia stand on the road, ready to make a choice that can impact her whole life. She wanted to help the girl, just like Voight helped her.
    Lindsay: I'm letting you make a choice. Because there is another way. So you're gonna get out, I'm gonna drive away, and then the choice is yours. This is a decision you have to make yourself, otherwise we're just wasting our time here. If you want a life better than the one you have, I will help you to the other side. That is a promise.
    • Later, after Nadia is forced to get high during a sting operation, Lindsay takes her back to rehab and walks with her to the door.
  • Halstead and Lindsay's whole scene at the end of 1x06, where she finally opens up about her past, and how her friends abandoned her when they found out she wasn't who she claimed to be. She says it's silly, but it still bothers her and she doesn't know why. He holds her hand and makes a lighthearted comment to make her smile.
  • Sergeant Platt, who is usually seen using junior officers in her district as errand boys and playthings for her own amusement, tells Antonio's children that she owes their father her life after he carried her to safety during a gun battle. She is also seen spending considerable lengths of time in Burgess' hospital room after the latter was shot.
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  • Voight has information that can pin Jin's murder on Stillwell but Stillwell has dirt on him so decides to bury the case and save himself. But Jin's mother visits him and tells Voight that her son desperately wanted to be a cop but was unhappy in the Chicago PD until he joined Voight's unit. This moves Voight so much that he gives evidence of Stillwell's guilt and comes clean about his deal with Internal Affairs to the Intelligence Section knowing full well that he'll come under investigation and could possibly lose his jobnote  . Voight also takes money out of his personal stash to help cover Jin's father's gambling debts so that the man can focus on comforting his wife.
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  • In "What Do You Do," Platt gives Burgess a rough time for her age. Burgess then spends the episode helping an injured Roman survive an ambush in a warehouse from some smugglers, holding them off long enough for the rest of the team to show up for help. Coming back to the station, Burgess has the Commander congratulate her on her bravery as Platt leads the other officers applauding Kim with a look of genuine admiration.
  • Ruzek barely survives an ambush. While most senior officers simply want his statement, Olinsky's only thought is to immediately check Ruzek over to make sure that his partner didn't fail to notice any injuries due to adrenaline.
  • Antonio arranges for his confidential informant to be rewarded $20,000.00 for her help in solving an armored car heist and so that she can leave her abusive boyfriend and move out of Chicago.
  • In "The Weight Station," Lindsay grudgingly appears at her mother's wedding reception and makes small talk with her new stepfather. Then she goes back to the station and tells Voight about the time her mother threw up on her and Lindsay had to go to school smelling of booze and vomit. A teacher thought Lindsay had a drinking problem, and Lindsay "copped to it."
    Lindsay: You're my family.
    Voight: You're about the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean that.
  • Platt enters into a relationship with Chicago Fire's Mouch and shows that she can be a sweet and attentive girlfriend while still bossing around everyone else in the vicinity.
  • Platt realizes that Nadia genuinely respects her and wants to be a cop just like her, even though the girl has a criminal record, so Platt tells Nadia (over cake) that records in Chicago have a way of being expunged if Nadia can prove herself.
    • Platt eventually takes Nadia under her wing and guides the younger woman through the CPD application process, even admonishing Nadia for "only" getting a 95 on the entrance exam.
  • Voight immediately begins doting on the woman who says she's pregnant with his grandchild.
  • Voight gets beaten up, robbed, and the woman carrying his grandchild is tortured. He goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, terrorizing a good chunk of Chicago in the process. While the rest of the Intelligence Section reassures him that they'll find the money, he keeps on saying that he doesn't care about the cash. As it turns out, Voight was hell bent on retrieving a pouch that contains old family photos and his late wife's engagement ring.
  • Justin comes home on leave and it turns out that Voight's decision to send his son to the Army worked out for the best. Justin is more mature, thinking about making the Army his career and considering college in order to advance, and ready to take responsibility for Olive and their unborn child. Voight gives Justin his late wife's engagement ring, something he probably wouldn't have done in Season 1.
  • Halstead angrily talks Voight and Olinsky out of disappearing Pulpo, who gone after Antonio's family twice. Later, while at a bar, Voight sits next to Halstead, buys him a drink, and tells him how he respects that Halstead has his convictions and is willing to stick to them, and he should never change that.
  • After Burgess gets shot and Lindsay transfers to a federal task force, Burgess is offered Lindsay's place in Intelligence. However, despite finally achieving the goal she's had since the start of the series, Burgess declines. Partially because she feels like she's not ready to leave the uniformed life, but also because Roman is still holding onto a lot of guilt over the shooting, and she doesn't want to let him deal with it alone.
  • Ruzek's father explains he wanted to be a father more than a cop on the frontline so he transferred to a wealthy (therefore safe) district once Adam was born, allowing him to do things like drive Adam to school and coach little league.
  • Justin and Olive bring their son to visit Voight in Chicago. Voight is clearly incredibly proud at how Justin was able to turn his life around and happy to see how his family is growing.
  • When Burgess and Ruzek first break up, Burgess tries to put in for a transfer so as not to be around him with Platt telling her it's a bad idea. When she asks if Burgess is okay, the younger woman chokes out "no," clearly on the verge of completely coming apart. Dropping her usual attitude, Platt just sits them in a private room so Burgess "can feel what you need to feel."
  • Voight watches an old home movies of his family from when Justin was a toddler, showing that the Voights were a very warm and loving family and implying that things only fell apart because no one could deal with the grief of losing their wife and mother.
  • When Burgess' sister, Nicole, comes to the desk to talk to Platt, she says Kim has mentioned Platt a lot. Platt tries to brush off what she thinks are insults but Nicole gushes on how Kim constantly talks about all the help Platt has given her and that she would never have made it without Platt's help and is happy to know her sister has a role model. For once, Platt is just stunned to realize Burgess actually likes and respects her so much.
  • Upton taking in Rojas as a roommate when it's revealed that Rojas is homeless after closing her last undercover job.
  • The ending of "43rd and Normal" (7x11) is filled with this. Burgess finally lets out that she's expecting her and Ruzek's child with some encouragement from Platt, who gives her a "Mom Cop" cup that she ordered online(according to her, she knows these things and she's heard Ruzek and Burgess discussing/arguing about it)and tells an uncertain Burgess to go with her gut regarding whether or not to inform Voight, how to smooth things over with Ruzek, and move forward from there. It's easily one of the most motherly moments Platt has ever had with Burgess in all of their interactions.
    • When Burgess tells Voight about the pregnancy, he warmly embraces and congratulates her, and it's the happiest we've seen him since celebrating his grandchild's birth and first birthday in "Start Digging". To Voight, it's probably like finding out he's going to be a grandfather all over again and brings back memories of one of his last meaningful interactions with Justin.
    • Then there's her reconciliation with Ruzek. After several episodes of tension and cold-shouldering that finally come to a head when Burgess gives him a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech midway through this episode, she softens and invites him over to finally discuss their future. He asks her to marry him because he wants to do the right thing, and wants to prove to her that he's matured but she sees right through that and turns it down, knowing that neither one of them are ready to be husband and wife. He's hurt, but then she immediately tells him that she loves him because he's a good guy, that she'll include him in any future decisions regarding their baby, and that no matter what, they'll always be together as a family if nothing else. With Ruzek (and the Burzek shippers) having been reassured that everything is more or less going to be okay between them, they embrace while he repeatedly thanks her for finally letting him in and the episode ends with them holding hands and leaning on one another as they lovingly gaze at their baby's sonogram photos.
  • Atwater and Jordan reconnect after butting heads for two episodes.
  • Rojas agreeing to take on a missing person's case as a favor to a social worker who helped her when she was in foster care.
  • Rojas paying a visit to Sammy, the paranoid schizophrenic she formed a rapport with but was forced to shoot, while he's recovering in Chicago Med at the end of "Center Mass"
  • Ruzek telling Burgess that he doesn't blame her for their baby's miscarriage—in the middle of Burgess's Don't You Dare Pity Me! moment— and her thanking him for being there for her by buying him hockey tickets in the next episode.
  • Burgess waiting until after Roman has given the eulogy at his sister's funeral to arrest him for murdering his sister's killer and then Voight deciding to let Roman go.
  • Voight and Ruzek supporting Atwater's decision to go to IAD with the truth about Doyle, despite it being a clear breach of "the Blue Wall".
    • Voight listening and gently offering advice to Atwater as he vents about the harassment he's undergoing as a result of the above, which is what finally inspires Atwater to discover a possible solution to the situation.
  • Atwater blaming himself for Ruzek getting shot and Ruzek and Burgess immediately telling him it isn't his fault.
  • Upton risking her career, if not her life, by planting drugs on a kingpin to help make good on a deal she promised Rojas's ex-boyfriend.
  • Burgess taking Makayla, a pre-schooler who witnessed her father murder her mother, uncle, and grandmother, under her wing in "Tender Age", then taking steps to foster her in "In Your Care" to keep her from being lost to the system. "Trouble Dolls" sees her making the adoption official and giving Makayla her last name.
    • Ruzek agreeing to be Makayla's legal guardian should anything untoward happen to Burgess, despite him being annoyed with her for not trusting him at the time.
  • Upton comforting Ruzek when Burgess is abducted and he's worried sick about her with no idea what she's going through at the time, which is probably for the better. She also reminds him that he needs to keep himself calm so he can be able to fulfill Burgess's earlier request to care for Makayla.
    • Ruzek doing just this, taking himself off of the case—with Burgess still missing at this point—and making sure that Makayla is taken care of while protecting her from the fact that her foster mom is in danger.