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  • Shitty accepting Bitty coming out to him in The Closet Story. It helps that it's the first time Bitty's said out loud, in proper words, even to himself, that he's gay. He even reassures Bitty that five people came out to him in his sophomore year.
    • Ransom and Holster treating Bitty with as much affection after he tells them.
  • Jack telling Bitty that he knows that he can make a check. Despite the consequences, it's one of Jack's most heartwarming moments with Bitty during the first season.
  • The entirety of Bitty and Jack's interactions in 2.6: WGSS120/HIST376: Women, Food, & American Culture. And all of the realizations that come along with it.
  • Ransom and Holster's friendship. They even go to Niagara Falls together frequently during the holidays because they live so close to each other. They were pretty much best friends from the day they introduced themselves. Ransom even crawls into Holster's bunk when the ghosts start freaking him out too much and Holster lets him. They are pretty much NEVER seen apart. If they are, then the other will arrive very shortly.
    • Also Jack and Shitty's. Shitty is supportive and loyal to Jack through his ups and downs and seems to truly understand him, and Jack seems to trust Shitty a lot, which a whole lot more than most people. They make good best friends.
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  • All of the developments in Jack and Bitty's relationship. Just compare their checking clinics in season 1 and season 2.
  • Everything Chowder does. Everything.
  • Jack transferring his dibs to Chowder and praising him, and the look on Chowder's face and the way he tears up in kind.
  • This extra taking place during year 2 (after "Kiss the Ice"), in which Bitty's teammates surprise him with a new oven for his birthday.
  • Jack getting unanimously voted for team captain for the third time in a row. Even moreso when you think about how little self-esteem he has and how surprised he is when he gets voted. Everyone just looks as him as if he were the only choice.
  • Bad Bob Zimmermann telling Jack to go after Bitty and seemingly prompting Jack's Love Epiphany.
  • Everything about 2.18, "Goodbye for the Summer". Jack runs across campus to the Haus, finds a teary Bitty unpacking Chowder's clothes in Jack's old room, and kisses him. Two years of Will They or Won't They? beautifully resolved.
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  • 2.19, "Goodbye for the Summer Part II". Almost no dialogue, but everything about it is painfully sweet. Jack is so distracted with kissing Bitty he doesn't even notice his phone buzzing at first, and when he finally looks at it and realizes he has to leave, he promises to text Bitty, then does so within minutes. They also kiss again several times.
  • By Year 3, Ngozi has stated that Bitty and Jack kept skyping everyday but the days they were together in Georgia.
  • Jack asking Bitty to be his official boyfriend in 3.7 is absolutely adorable, he gives him a lego doll of himself and seems absolutely nervous waiting for the answer, before Bitty jumps to hug him and say yes.
  • In 3.10, Jack 110% Zimmermann driving to the Haus and then running a block in the rain to get to Bitty.
    Jack: You're not doing this by yourself, okay? We're a team.
  • 3.12: "Bitty & I" is basically a long one:
    • The Samwell team is very supportive of Bitty and Jack's relationship. Even though they knew for a while of their relationship, they decided to wait until they were comfortable with the idea of coming out to them.
    • While it's very clear to the readers that the team is a family, it's still sweet to see Lardo, Shitty, Ransom and Holster learn about Bitty and Jack's relationship separately, and then immediately resolve themselves to keep it a secret from everyone else.
    Ransom to Holster: "We take this to the grave."
    • Jack and Shitty have a talk after coming back to the Haus, in which Shitty apologizes for assuming things about Jack and states how much happier he seems once he starts dating Bittle.
    Shitty: "M'dude, Love has changed you."
    • The chapter ends with Jack asking Bitty to tell their parents about them, who are implied to be both Shipper on Deck for Jack/Bitty. Bitty, even though nervous, agree that they should talk about it.
  • 3.20: "For the second time in Samwell Men's Hockey history, by unanimous vote from the team, the captain for next school year is... Eric R. Bittle.

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