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WARNING: all spoilers are unmarked on Heartwarming Moments pages.

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  • This on the series' Facebook page.

    Season 1 
  • In only a few minutes, the Animated series shows you exactly why Lisa was able to turn Dracula around. She is not only smart, but quick-witted, fearless, and curious. The Lord of Darkness is intrigued by the end of a single conversation.
    Dracula: I've known you two minutes, and you offer for me to walk the Earth like an ordinary peasant, while I give you the knowledge of immortals, the true science.
    Lisa: They won't be peasants anymore if you teach them. They won't live such short, scared lives if they have real medicine! They won't be superstitious if they learn how the world really works!
    Dracula: (chuckles) Why should I do that?
    Lisa: To make the world better! Start with me, and I'll start with you.
    Dracula: (now smiling and bowing to her) ...I think I might like you.
  • When he finds out about Lisa's death, Dracula's last act of kindness is to warn her elderly neighbor, who came to pay her respects to Lisa's memory, to take her family and run before he unleashes his vengeance.
    Dracula: I do this last kindness in her name, she who loved you humans and cared for your ills. Take your family and leave Wallachia tonight. Pack and go, and do not look back.
  • Alucard begs his father to not avenge his mother to excess. It doesn't work, but it shows how well Lisa and Dracula raised Alucard before she died.
    • Assuming the series follows game canon, Lisa's last words become even more Heartwarming, because they're to Alucard, not Dracula. Thus this scene becomes Alucard fulfilling his mother's last wish.


  • When Trevor sees the Elder Speaker getting harassed two corrupt priests, he at first tries to convince himself to leave...but doesn't. And helps the Speaker.
  • Trevor promising to bring back the Elder Speaker's grandchild (either alive or the body) if the Elder promises to leave so he and his followers won't be targeted.


  • The Elder Speaker reuniting with his lost granddaughter, Sypha. They share a warm hug and Sypha apologizes for not finding the Sleeping Soldier, but her grandfather stops her, saying he's just happy she's alive.


  • Trevor Belmont. He spends the first three episodes angry at the world (justifiably so, as the intro in Ep.1 shows he watched his home get burned to the ground and probably saw his whole family die) and muttering about how much he doesn't care about the world, or the people of Gresit, but when it's time to put cards on the table, Trevor is always ready to stand up for the defenseless. When the demon horde attacks, he leaps without hesitation into organizing a proper defense. Because he's a Belmont. And that's what Belmonts do.
    • Highlighted by Trevor's speech in the previous episode to the corrupt priests leading the mob when he finally stops pretending he doesn't care and agrees that yes, he will stand up and risk his life for people he doesn't know, even after they've rejected and scorned him.
    "My family: the family you demonized and excommunicated, has fought and died through generations for this country. We do this thing... for Wallachia, and her people. We don't have to know you all. We do it anyway. And it's not the dying that frightens us; it's never having stood up and fought for you. I'm Trevor Belmont. Of the House of Belmont. And dying... has never frightened me."
  • A subtle one for Trevor is his defending of Lisa — Given his backstory and family history of slaying monsters, one would think Trevor wouldn't care about Lisa's unjust murder because she was the wife of Dracula and even disrespect her name. But does he? No. He instead sympathizes with Dracula's anger and rips into the corrupt priests and the Bishop for the unjust execution of her.
  • In a twisted sense, Dracula's demons make sure that they find the bishop who ordered Lisa's execution. Then they give him "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he has betrayed his God then killing him, but not before thanking him for being the true reason why they are released from Hell in the first place.
    Blue Fang: But we love you.
    • In a sort of philosophical way, it kinda brings God into a good light here too; Despite what the bishop kept saying about how this would be the will of God...the Demon outright says that he's making Him disgusted with the church he's in charge of. After all, God Is Good and thus this disgusting display isn't exactly a good thing...and also brings to mind that two certain individuals did come to save the day...
  • Just when you think all the members of the Church in Gresit are corrupt assholes and brutish thugs, a low ranking and obviously scared priest steps up to assist with the defense of the city by making holy water.
  • Sypha thinks that her rescuer Trevor is a Jerkass. She still comes to save him from the angry mob because he saved her life and her family's life, taking their place as The Scapegoat. Then when it seems her savior, Alucard, is about to kill Trevor, she pulls her fire on him and demands that he let Trevor go.
  • Alucard's relief when he sees that Trevor and Sypha fulfill the prophecy of a warrior and a scholar coming for him. He then grabs his sword and tells them they have a chance to fight his father.

    Season 2 
War Council
I hate that you're not here, but I love that you gave me the knowledge to help people
  • We get to see Lisa working as she helps aid an old lady. As she works, she holds up a locket with Dracula's portrait and admits while she is sad she doesn't get to see him since he's traveling, she is glad he at least gave her the knowledge to help others.
    • Somewhat tearjerking and heartwarming? This was the same old lady who was the only one to visit Lisa's burned down house and offer her flowers.
  • Alucard drawing a picture in the dirt of his mother and father. He reminisces how his mother never liked the name the vampires gave him, saying that he was the opposite of his father. He then says how she loved both her husband and son, wanting them to be their own person.
    • Given the style of the picture in the locket and the pictures he drew, this troper wonders if maybe he didn't draw that picture in the locket of his father for his mother.

Old Homes

  • Alucard telling Sypha that he's sorry she had to leave the Speakers, and he hopes she would be able to reunite with her family in happier circumstances.
    Sypha: See? He knows how to be nice!
  • Trevor and Sypha becoming a little closer and actually teasing each other more over sniping.
  • Trevor and Alucard, too. The "Eat shit and Die/Yes, fuck you," exchange is clearly coming from a place of, not quite warmth yet, but male bonding nonetheless.

Shadow Battles

  • A flashback shows a young Hector finding a dead puppy out in a field and using necromancy to reanimate it. It initially looks horrifying and creepy with a blue glow in its empty eye-socket. Then it looks up and other side of its untouched, adorable face is shown. Despite it being necromancy, the puppy is still playful and happy, following Hector back home- where the mood shifts with his mother screaming in horror. Nevertheless, the scene offers a peaceful, unique view on the practice of necromancy, and the compassionate person Hector is deep inside.

Broken Mast

  • After a long day of research, Trevor looks over to find an exhausted Sypha staring into space:
    Trevor: You okay?
    Sypha: Tired.
    Trevor: Sleep then.
    Sypha: ...a bit lonely.
    Trevor (indicating that Sypha should sit next to him): My dusty old sheet is big enough for two. And nobody was ever lonely in this house.
    Sypha: Thank you.
After a while, Sypha falls asleep with her head on his shoulder.
  • Everything about the Belmont family house seems to indicate that Trevor's childhood was, up to the point it all went to hell, a happy and fulfilling one. Badass Family of monster hunters though they were, the Belmonts were a family first, and obviously cared deeply for each other.
  • Dracula and Isaac have a close relationship, based on respect and trust. In a flashback, we learn that Dracula saved Isaac from a group of murderous magicians:
    Isaac (lifting a glass to Dracula): The only person who ever lifted a hand to protect me from anything. And he was not a human.

Last Spell

  • Despite Isaac's brutal murder of Godbrand, the way he disposes of his ashes seems rather respectful in a way.

The River

  • Hector looks terrified when Carmilla points out since he chose to side with her, he can't simply go back to Dracula's castle, and he does take a moment to stop on the bridge to look back before continuing to run.

For Love
  • While Isaac is willing to die in order to protect Dracula's life, Dracula chooses to spare Isaac from that fate, teleporting him back to the sandy dunes where he used to live and giving a sad expression as he closes the portal. What's incredibly touching was how Dracula said that Isaac's soul and spirit would be more valuable to the world than his large collection of dusty books.
  • Alucard confronting his father again saying that he will stop him. When questioned by Dracula, Alucard mentions that he isn't alone this time with Trevor and Sypha appearing from behind Alucard to join him on both sides.
    Dracula: You couldn't stop me before.
    Alucard: I was alone before.
  • When Sypha gets hurt, Trevor is immediately up to start punching Dracula in the face, despite it not doing any damage.
  • Sypha seemed to be doing a lot of damage when blasting Dracula's face with fire, but she only stops because Dracula started to duck it so Alucard was also in range of the spell and was getting hurt as well.
  • As Sypha tries to push back Dracula's fireball spell, she struggles to keep her footing, until Trevor stands behind her and supports her by pushing his back against hers.
  • What causes Dracula to stop his blood-rage? Being back in Alucard's room, and he collapses in on himself as he starts realizing in horror that he was killing his own child.
    Dracula: Lisa... Your greatest gift to me... and I'm killing him. I must already be dead.
    • Dracula willingly lets Alucard stake him in the heart, because he loves his son and would rather die than kill him.
    • A fading Dracula appears to be trying to hold his son's face one last time before he dies. Despite the pain, he probably wanted to show his son how much he still loved him.
    • Alucard is visibly shaken at having dealt the deathblow to his father. Trevor tries to tell him that killing Dracula saved countless more lives. Sypha adds that while this is true, it's alright as Alucard still needs to mourn his father, and the good man he may have become.
  • The three look at a family portrait of Lisa and Dracula with her holding a baby Alucard in her arms.
  • Sypha in the end takes Trevor by the hand and her arm on the trembling Alucard and leads them into the sunrise after they had accomplished their mission.

End Times

  • When Alucard states his intention to treat Castlevania as his grave, Trevor actually gives him the Belmont Hold, which holds all the information his family collected over the years, to guard. He says that Castlevania is the information his father gathered while the Hold is the information his mother's people (humans) have gathered so all this information represents him. Trevor asks that Alucard make something of these gifts and not just die, hoping to give a friend a purpose in life.
  • Sypha wants to go adventuring after the battle, and wants Trevor to come with her. She points out how much Trevor has matured since she met and he agrees, stating that for the first time in years he has a life to live. They proceed to sit down for a well-earned rest and watch the sun-set.
  • A bit tearjerking, but once Alucard settles down in the chair, he looks up to see an apparition of his younger self, playing tag with his mother. The two of them are laughing joyfully.
    • Earlier, Alucard sees what seems like a ghost of his father walking down the stairs, looking happy for the first time in the season before he soon fades away.

    Season 3 

Bless Your Dead Little Hearts

  • A quick shot shows that Alucard is rebuilding the Belmont estate.
  • While it's both a mixture of funny and tearjerking, Alucard making dolls of his friends shows how lonely he is and misses their company.

The Reparation of My Heart

  • An old shopkeeper in a city Isaac visits notes that he's a forgemaster. Rather than be scared, the old man (implied to be a sorcerer of some kind) chats with Isaac about their beliefs. When the item Isaac was looking for has been sold already, the shopkeeper finds a similar item, and gives it to Isaac as a gift, joking that he'd like to have a forgemaster owe him a favor when he goes to hell. Isaac even laughs.
  • While there's no grand declarations or anything, it's clear Trevor and Sypha love one another and are genuinely excited to be hunting monsters together. They share a bed, have an active sex life, and are total cuddlebugs any time they're alone.


  • Trevor and Sypha musing on the things they've seen in their travels, the people they've helped, and admitting that being together is good for them.
    • Sypha later shows that she has Trevor wrapped around her finger, and he bloody well knows it, when she teases him about giving in to her desire to investigate the Priory the moment he looks into her eyes.

  • Isaac and The Captain have a pleasant conversation in his cabin as they travel, with the Captain respecting his beliefs and practices, offering him water with lime without complaint after his alcohol is rebuffed and inquiring about his methods of meditation without deriding them, and speaking about Isaac's abilities as a forgemaster and time with Dracula without judging him. The talk is capped off by him asking Isaac what he would eventually do with his life after he attained revenge, and poses if he might use the knowledge he has gained to teach humanity to be kinder than they currently are.

I Have a Scheme

  • While they are devious villains with wicked plans for humanity, the bond between Carmilla's allies is nothing short of heartwarming. In particular, Striga and Morana are devoted lovers who thank Carmilla for helping them come together.

A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement

  • Alucard actually smiling again as he spars with Sumi and Taka. Their sparring soon turns into a friendly dog pile with all of them laughing on the floor.
  • Sypha actually takes ale with Trevor now when he goes to the tavern, saying she's learned to enjoy some of the rougher things in life.
    Trevor: She means me.
    Sypha: I mean him.

The Good Dream

  • Alucard admitting that Trevor would like having a new generation of vampire hunters learn all of the information that the Belmonts accumulated over the years and hopefully pass it on.
  • Sypha and Trevor in bed discussing Saint Germain. They rightfully suss out he's a conman, but they also note he dropped the act almost instantly around them because he's just that lonely. You can tell they're thinking about both themselves and Alucard while discussing him.
    Trevor: Did we fall out of our story into someone else's? Again?
    Sypha: Silly. It's all our story.
  • The Judge while annoyed that the boy he already admonished for running is still doing it, offers him a secret. He tells him where his secret apple tree is and if he wouldn't run around so much and not tell a soul, he could get three apples. This stabs us in the back come episode 10.

What the Night Brings

  • Sypha relates a story of Trevor breaking a man's leg in three places for hurting a cat. Trevor acts embarrassed and makes excuses, but it just further shows how good-hearted he is.
  • While it can come off as sinister in light of later events, the scene of Sumi and Taka discussing Alucard's generosity to them and his loneliness (while Taka even apparently plays the flower petal plucking game) is really sweet.

The Harvest

  • At the end of the nine circles of hell, we see Dracula and Lisa were reunited together.
    • Lisa was just a normal human, and by all evidence a good person. Even if she were cast into hell she wouldn't have deserved to be placed in the darkest, worst part of it all where a demonic monster like Dracula would be. Which can only mean she traveled there to be with her husband.
    • And Dracula, despite all the power he wields, is content to just be with his beloved wife, instead of taking over hell or plotting for his return.
    • The place where we see them? Not some opulent castle surrounded by minions, but the burnt down remains of their humble home. You get the sense that even hell is no torment for either of them so long as they have each other.

Abandon All Hope

  • This exchange between Sypha and Trevor:
    Trevor: Sypha, do you have my back?
    Sypha: Always.
  • Saint Germain saves the day by pulling off a Xanatos Gambit that both re-unites him with the woman he seeks while also closing the portal to Hell.
    Saint Germain: THANK YOU! WE'LL MEET AGAIN!!! (disappears)
  • Even despite the Downer Ending of the season and Sypha's crushing disappointment, her relationship with Trevor is never in question.
  • In a brief moment, after Issac finds the Magician's mirror, he takes a moment to look in on Miranda, who gives him a wave, happy to see that he won.


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