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That's Mater. Sir Mater.

  • The town greeting Lightning at the start of the movie. Even Guido bounces up and down. But the "best-friend-greeting" between Lightning and Mater is nothing short of adorable, as is their excitement to see each other.
  • When Mater and Lightning visit the Doc Hudson Memorial:
    Mater: Wow...I can't believe they renamed a Piston Cup after our very own Doc Hudson!
    Lightning: I know Doc said these things were just old cups, But... To have someone else win it didn't feel right, you know?
    Mater: Well, Doc would have been real proud of you, that's for sure.
  • Mater has a devastating fall out with Lightning, but at least Mater takes the time, before heading out on the secret mission, to write him a farewell letter saying how he is sorry to be such a burden on this trip and feels it is best for him to leave early. Guido agrees with this Crowning Moment.
    • Near the end of the film, Lightning feels bad for the way he treated Mater. And wants to reconcile with him, even while he's too busy stopping a bomb. Even going so far as to chase after him on the track and attach himself to Mater's towing cable, exclaiming, "I'm not letting you get away again!"
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  • On Siddley, Mater finds an opportunity to desperately woo Holley over by saying that she’s pretty and so nice. He has unconditional romantic love in his eyes while saying those things to her.
  • While it's too bad it's emphasized this way, the fact that Mater's loyalty to Lightning is so strong and so obvious that the villains could use it in their plot. They strapped a bomb to him and told him they had planted a bomb in Lightning's pit stop area knowing that he would race off to warn McQueen.
  • Mater’s loyalty to Holley Shiftwell is so strong that when they were being chased in London, after Holley told Mater to stop, he said, “No way, you could get hurt!” And he was very worried about her getting injured so he sped up to try to get away from her so he won’t hurt her with the bomb.
  • When Holley says, “ I’m Mater’s girlfriend.”
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  • Holley Shiftwell finally requiting Mater's feelings for her with a Meaningful Echo.
  • The Piston Cup being made into a memorial for Doc.
  • Mater getting knighted by the Queen.
  • The very last lines of the movie:
    Lightning: I'll see ya at the finish line, buddy!
    Mater: Not if I see ya first! (Both speed off together, Riding into the Sunset)


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