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Examples from the Life of Kevin

  • Kevin and Emma's relationship. In a comedy series, it is played extremely straight, and rarely brought up as an object of mockery. The two have remained faithful (with the exception of a few on-the-job seductions which don't particularly go anywhere, with Word of God saying the other partner is okay with that) and committed, and often can be seen doing affectionate things without Captainsauce telling them to.
  • In the Mother's Day Episode, the whole family decides to do nice things for Emma and throw her a party. Kevin, Apple, Tommy and Evie get a grotto ready, while Barbie takes Emma out for drinks and a pleasant bonding time.
    • To add to that, while at the restaurant, Barbie's biological mom comes over and starts mocking the two. Emma wastes no time in freeze-raying her.
  • Another Emma-and-Barbie example: the first thing Emma does when Barbie as a baby is brought home is to go over to her and start cuddling and rocking her. Awwwwwwww
  • Grim playing with his kids is admittedly pretty cute.
  • Debbie Death takes to Grim's quadruplets pretty much immediately upon getting with him.
  • While Luc is pregnant, Holly watches over him a great deal, even sleeping nearby to keep an eye out. She then is the one out of all of his housemates to go to the hospital for the baby's birth.

Other examples

  • From Planet Coaster, when one of the entertainers is complaining, Cap raises her salary. He then decides to raise the other entertainer's salary too "because you are worth it!" Awww.

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