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  • Quite a few of the Karaoke Cafe segments are this. Whether the song is about the characters singing about how much they care for each other, a positive lesson, or simply how great life can be, it's bound to bring a smile to one's face.
    • "Why Do You Like Me?", where Mr. Bumpy and Squishington ponder on why they like each other in spite of their differences. In the end, they decide that it doesn't matter why they like each other and simply declare what great friends they are. Mr. Silverfish is even seen crying tears of joy when the song is over.
    • "Comfort Schmumfort" has Molly Coddle initially sing about how she's gotten tired of being expected to comfort everyone in pain, but she eventually resolves that she can't ignore her friends when they are hurt and proudly embraces her job as a comfort doll.
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    • "Picking Up the Pieces When Your Whole World Falls Apart" consists of Molly singing about the importance of actually doing something about it when you're faced with problems and hardship.
    • "Making Music is Fun", where Bumpy, Squishy, and Molly show how fun making music can be.
    • "You Need a Hug", where Molly sings to the audience that everyone needs a hug every once in a while.
  • Squishington befriending Little Robot in "Made in Japan".
  • Mr. Bumpy bonding with the baby snail in "Baby Snail".
  • Mr. Bumpy's sloppiness and Squishington's preference for cleanliness drives a wedge between them in "Better Homes and Garbage", but they understand each other and reconcile in the end.
  • In "Comforting the Uncomfortable", Molly Coddle makes an effort to comfort the Closet Monster and even continues with it by lulling him to sleep after Bumpy and Squishington shove her in the closet.
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  • "Party Poopers" is a perfect example of how close Mr. Bumpy and Molly Coddle are. Bumpy does everything he can to get Molly invited to the Cute Dolls' party, even making the sacrifice of coming with her even though he's certain the party would be boring. The ending even has Bumpy, Molly, and Squishington have fun by starting a food fight.
  • "Hocus Dopus" has Mr. Bumpy try to pull a rabbit out of a hat to cheer up a sick Squishington. When he keeps on failing, he's so upset about it even when Squishy says to his face that he forgives him. Fortunately, Squishy sets things right by putting a bunny slipper into the hat and asking Bumpy to try one more time.
  • The ending of "All You Need is Glove", where Bumpy finds out that the glove he's fought over a sock with has adorable mitten children. The revelation warms his heart so much that he allows the glove to have the sock.
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  • Bumpy and Molly do their best to boost Squishy's confidence in "In the Bowl of the Squishy Prince". What really sells it, though, is when Squishy finally gets it through his head that Bumpy and Molly like him and see him m as a great person.
  • Even after Sleemoth and Gloog belittle her, Molly Coddle still stays determined to rescue her friends Bumpy and Squishy from them in the episode "Comfort Schmumfort" (not to be confused with the Karaoke Cafe song of the same name).
  • "Made in Japan II"
    • The very beginning of the episode proves that Squishington and Little Robot still remain close through e-mail.
    • When Little Robot can't bring herself to kill the Turbo Totranoid sent to destroy her because she regards her as her sister. Fortunately, Squishington gets Little Robot's sister to stop being hostile by uploading his e-mails from Little Robot into her, causing Little Robot's sister to stop being hostile and to be as docile and amiable as her sister.
  • "Not a Leg to Stand On" has Mr. Bumpy decide to get Molly Coddle some new shoes by borrowing her feet. He ends up in trouble for most of the episode because he is mistaken for having stolen Molly's feet, but in the end the misunderstanding is cleared up and Molly appreciates her gift from Bumpy very much, especially since her missing feet were in her new shoes the whole time.
  • As can be expected from a Christmas Episode, there are a lot of such moments in "Twas the Night Before Christmas".
    • After Juaquin Gusanito Sin Manos and Doris D. Bird get the bionic arms and jet pack they wanted, they actually bother paying a visit to Mr. Bumpy to thank him. Bear in mind that Juaquin resides in South America while Doris was all the way at Stonehenge, so they must have traveled a long way to make it to Bumpy's home.
    • Destructo's Christmas present turns out to be a female version of himself named Destructette. They clearly love each other.
    • Molly Coddle is heartbroken when she realizes the consequences of being bossy to everyone while putting on the pageant has made them unwilling to forgive her. Fortunately for her, they forgive her anyway on the grounds that the pageant turned out great and Molly promised not to be pageant director ever again.
    • After all he's been through, Mr. Bumpy finally learns that giving to others is more important than getting.

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