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  • Sve volunteering in order to protect Finni. "You will not die."
  • Natalya's flashback to her and Vahn's childhood. Especially in a world as bleak as Panem, it's very touching to see her parents give as much money as necessary to save an orphan they don't even know, then raise him as their own son, all out of the goodness of their hearts.
  • Slightly invalidated by everything that happens between them later, but Young!Rome protecting Young!Ania from an overzealous tribute on her first day of training is quite sweet.
  • Eston accepting Raivis' adorably awkward offer to be his ally.
  • Laine and Meghna's short-lived friendship, which begins when they both start singing a children's song together in training.
  • One that we never get to see in the core series, only hear about—Amer volunteering in place of his brother.
  • Eston standing up to Vahn—twice—to stop him from killing or maiming Raivis. The first of these occasions seems to be the moment their friendship is cemented—keep in mind that he's got nothing to gain and everything to lose by confronting a much larger and much more heavily-armed tribute for his ally's sake.
  • Just the fact that, when forced to make a Sadistic Choice, Spain placed Lovi's life far above his supplies. It doesn't seem like much, but when you think about it, he could easily have run off with the food and left Lovi to her fate. Instead, he focused entirely upon saving her — a pretty selfless move in the Hunger Games.
  • Eston comforting Raivis after he's had his finger chopped off, despite wanting to leave.
  • Amer risking everything to free Raivis and Eston from Vahn's alliance.
  • Spain getting sent a donation for his birthday. It's nice to think that someone in the Capitol took a moment to give him a present and make his day just a little bit better.
  • Lovi swallowing her pride and thanking Spain for all he's done for her when it seems they're about to be killed by muttations.
  • Amer, Eston and Raivis' brief friendship. All of it.
  • This one serves as Heartwarming in Hindsight. When Igris first receives his mysterious package from the sponsors, he acts in his usual gruff manner and snaps at Fronce not to touch it. It's only at the end of the story when we realize what was in it— poison, given to him to kill his ally with. He could have done away with Fronce at any time in the latter half of the story simply by slipping some in his food, but didn't. And that's when the reader realizes just what a good person Igris actually is.
  • It's a very bittersweet scene, more of a Tearjerker than anything, but something has to be said for Sve and Natalya consoling one another and finally dying together after they lose Finni and Vahn.
  • Igris and Amer patching up each other's wounds after the battle with Careers.
  • Fronce, badly wounded and infected, trying to convince Igris to go on without him, and Igris staunchly refusing. It's heartwarming not only in and of itself, but because it finally answers the question of whether or not Igris actually would leave Fronce behind, even referencing it with a Meaningful Echo.
    • However, even this is eclipsed by Igris calling Fronce his friend after the latter dies.
  • Igris at the end of the story, telling Amer You Are Better Than You Think You Are.
  • Amer realizing that he can't kill himself because if his and his brothers' situations were reversed, he'd want Matt to come home in spite of what he'd done.
  • Igris and Amer, talking about their families at the end of the Games. It really shows how much these two boys care about each other that they can still hold a casual conversation about their loved ones when they're the final two.
  • Igris and Amer, being unable to kill one another to go home, and deciding to settle on a victor by chance rather than in cold blood.
  • Igris and Amer saying their final words. Amer's are a remorseful apology to his family and friends and those of the people he's killed. Igris' are an order for Amer not to blame himself should he win, and a request for him to cuff his little brother over the head for breaking his CD.
  • Shiran sending Igris his repaired CD, enabling him to Go Out with a Smile.



  • A minor one, right near the beginning – Ise’s father promising his son that he won’t think any less of him if he kills to get home. Considering this is the same man who not only cheated on his wife but then abandoned his pregnant girlfriend and unborn child, it’s nice to see a bit of humanity and genuine love out of him.
  • Sui not revealing Shiran to Den, realizing that she can’t bring herself to be complicit in the death of an innocent child.
  • Shiran tickle-attacking Plutonia to try and make her smile – and succeeding.
  • Norge actually smiling when Ise calls him Big Bro for once. True, Ise didn’t mean it, but it’s still adorable to see cold, stoic Norge show such overt happiness.
  • Another subtle one – Magya gently rubbing Osso’s shoulder after the rest of the Career pack deserts them, along with their mutual, somewhat wistful, realization that it’s the most affection they can show for each other in the situation. It’s a lovely little nod to the characters' canon relationship in Hetalia.
  • It’s strange, and kind of sick, but Magya comforting Feli over Sheen’s death before killing her to put her out of her misery was oddly sweet.
  • When Plutonia refuses to leave Shiran to drown, even when it means her own death.
    • To add to that, her last thought is that she could never survive knowing she had left behind the one person to make her smile since the reaping. *Sniff* . . .
  • Norge vowing that Ise is going to survive, even if he has to kill and die for it to happen.
  • Osso squeezing Magya’s hand comfortingly as he dies. Not exactly the heartless career he seemed to be at first.
  • Ise bandaging Norge’s wounds, despite knowing that he’s going to have to fight to the death with him tomorrow. His thoughts during the scene – about what their relationship would be like if they’d been raised together – push this over the edge into Tear Jerker territory.
  • In the epilogue, Amer vowing to protect and support Shiran, therefore making up for his failure to save Igris, ensuring that the newest Victor won’t have to face life alone, and enabling the story to end on a bittersweet note rather than a straight Downer Ending. To make it even more complete, Shiran quotes one of Igris’ lines from Horrible, stating that he’ll “bloody kill,” Amer if he continues to blame himself for his past misdeeds.


  • All of Cuba’s interactions with Nada. He’s clearly strong enough to go through the Games without an ally, but devotes much of his time and energy towards protecting and supporting the weaker tribute. A few examples of their friendship:
    • He tries to comfort her when she’s visibly nervous before the interviews, reminding her of the fun they had in the parade and reassuring her she'll do fine.
    • He not only helps Nada escape the bloodbath, but tries to help Shaye get away as well.
    • Finally, he abandons his battle with Rica to help her escape the other Careers, enabling her to survive but getting himself killed in the process.
  • Turk letting Romania into his alliance rather than killing her after defeating her in a fistfight. He also becomes noticeably upset when she is killed.
  • The short-lived but sweet friendship between Anissa and Zavann, especially their talks about their hobbies and bittersweet remembrance of Florry.
  • Yao’s reason for sparing Riben – the boy physically resembles his own younger sibling, Ju, who he wishes was as innocent as Riben still is.
  • Riben’s observations on the relationship between Ermine and Italo. Despite Ermine’s cold and critical attitude towards him most of the time, the way she speaks of him with such love and admiration when he’s not around – going so far as to cite his persistence as inspiration for her own tenacity – reveals a far more tender side to her.


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