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Heartwarming / Bram Stoker's Dracula

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  • Dracula essentially sold his soul to the Devil, turned into sadistic vampire and spent centuries killing people (he also killed plenty of them during his lifetime), yet he still managed to retain some human feelings for Elisabeta/Mina.
  • Jonathan Harker went through traumatic experience in the hands of Dracula that took toll on his health, yet he still was adamant to track down and destroy Dracula. Despite the fact that his wife Mina began to transform into vampire herself, he continued to be by her side.
  • Lucy, while being already very weak and sick, slowly becoming a vampire, still supported Mina and encouraged her to go to Transylvania to Jonathan and marry him. She even gave her own ring as a wedding gift.
  • Lucy chose Arthur as her husband, yet Dr. Seward and Quincey P. Morris remain loyal to her. Dr.Seward continues to gently and attentively care for her and her health, and both he and Quincey join forces with Van Helsing to hunt Dracula to avenge her. Quincey even heroically dies after putting his knife through Dracula’s heart.