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  • Pretty much all of "My Hometown," but one verse deserves special mention:
    This song goes out to my big brother
    for putting up with me following you around
    and making me smile when things at home weren't that great.
    For not getting pissed when I humped your girlfriend.
    For letting me take your car to the prom.
    For beating up the guys that hung my bike in a tree.
    For hand-me-down albums and a guitar with no strings,
    and for never beating the shit outta me!

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  • Somebody Get My Mom, a song about a guy that loves his mother, specifically near the end.
    She coached baseball when we needed her
    We lost every game but to her came in first
    And I'm so glad that she met my dad
    I wouldn't be here if she never had

  • "Graduation Trip" is very sad, but manages to be bittersweet in it's heartfelt description of first love.
    A lifetime in four short days,
    said goodbye, and we never looked back.
    A few letters always ended the same:
    "I love you, did you know that?"

  • "Friends O' Mine" is a simple, sincere acoustic number about how The Power of Friendship has kept the band together through the years. It's adorable.
    And I've got your back, you've got mine
    Like Johnny Cash said, I'll walk the line
    And you can always count on me for one last beer
    We saw the world and the world seems smaller
    We're getting wider but not gettin' no taller
    I know we've grown up just a little at a time
    We're sleeping late but we're not lazy
    Getting older but we're still crazy
    I'm so glad that I have these friends o' mine

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  • Shut Up And Smile is an incredibly sweet song about spreading love to people.
    Sail around the world and tell them all to keep singing it,
    La la la la la.
    All we need's a harmony and we'll convince the world to sing,
    La la la la la.
    Throw your arms around someone. (Throw your arms around someone)
    Maybe spread a little love.
    I know it sounds a little dumb, (Or maybe we're a little drunk)
    But all we need is some ice cream and a hug.
  • Much More Beautiful Person doubles as a Tear Jerker, it's one their songs that makes you feel like there is hope. The song tells the listener don't give up, it gets better.
  • The ending for "1985" is this. After the previously depressed and Prozac popping Debbie has been gyrating on the band's car in the video, her husband yells for her to quit what she's doing, and the band claps for her performance. It's just nice she's getting the attention she's wanted.
  • "My Wena." Once you get past all of the terrible double entendres, it's actually a sweet little ode to the singer's dachshund.

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