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Heartwarming / Boston Legal

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  • Denny notices Alan's become closer friends with Jerry and gets jealous (read: acts like a jilted lover). Alan reassures him:
    I love you, Denny. You are my best friend.
  • Denny singing "You Are My Sunshine" to an emotionally distraught Shirley.
  • In his first episode, Carl tells Clarence he'll have to either drop out of a singing competition (in which he'll be competing as Clarice) or be fired, as it might hurt the firm's image. With Alan's encouragement, Clarence stands up to him, introduces him to his singing partner (an agoraphobic woman who's using the competition to overcome her anxiety), and tells him that he's competing — and if he gets fired, so be it. The episode ends with Clarence and his partner giving a glorious rendition of "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful," with Alan and Jerry both showing up to cheer them on. And then it cuts to Carl in the back of the room, watching the performance with a fond smile.
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  • In the same episode, Jerry explains why he loves working at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt: anything goes. One associate sometimes wears a dress, another purrs and hops, there's a mess of interpersonal issues and affairs going on, and it's fine.
  • Alan's passionate defense of his and Denny's right to get married, in which he declares, "I love the man, okay? I love him, he loves me, we're partners!". At which point half the audience started to cry.
  • There are many of these between best friends Alan Shore and Denny Crane, most of them while on the balcony drinking and smoking cigars.


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