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  • Pretty much all of BTMI's songs have do to with depression or being sad in some way, so you get the impression that Jeff's life isn't the happiest all the time. Which makes the little message on the download page of his first solo album all the more meaningful.
    Jeff: The majority of this record is about fear and death. These songs are pretty much not about good times, but I actually love good times. I have a lot of really wonderful friends all over who make life worth living, and I am super lucky to have 'em. Fuck yeah! Thanks guys!!!
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  • "Syke! Life Is Awesome!". It's all about how even though life can suck sometimes, there's always something to be happy about.
  • The final track off of Vacation (aside from the hidden track Don't Destroy Yourself): "it might be 'cause I'm not alone but this vacation feels more like home".
    • And then, the final lines of the album: "so the winter never kills me. Winter won't kill me.".
  • On the song Everybody That Loves You, along with a bunch of crushing lyrics we have this: "I hope you get the job that you've been looking for, you're a decent girl, and you don't need this anymore."

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