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Heartwarming / Blue Sky

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  • The very fact that Chell, in spite of the fact that she is betrayed by the only man ever nice to her, still chose to risk her life to save Wheatley from his torture while giving him a chance to prove that his remorse is real.
  • In a nice summation to the entire story, especially taken into consideration with the second listed Tear Jerker entry, Chell reveals Wheatley’s latest transformation with two simple words “You’re human.” Then she kisses him.
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  • In the sort-of-sequel, Kick, Wheatley and Chell are having a kid. He approaches the idea in his patented adorably awkward way.
  • The section where Wheatley has got Foxglove working, and all the town come to rejoice while "Mr. Blue Sky" plays.
    Hey you with the pretty face/ Welcome to the human race...
  • Also heartbreaking but the moment when Wheatley is just about to be transferred back and realizing it's going to be a one way trip. He looks at himself, realizing he is actually going to miss this body and smiles. Because if this his last day, he might as well make his last smile count.

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