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Heartwarming / Bleach: We Do Knot Always Love You

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The novel in itself is made of sweet moments, showing how the survivors among the cast are getting happier lives after the very messy war with the Vandenreich.

  • Shino and Ryuunosuke, the Naïve Newcomer kids featured at the start of the Vandenreich arc, are revealed to have survived. And so did Yoruichi and Urahara, much to the relief of the fandom.
  • Hitsugaya and Momo's grandmother is still alive, and Hitsugaya himself is interacting far more with other people. This includes him meeting Ganju, and considering to meet up again with Isshin.
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  • The remaining Fullbringers are still alive, working together, and in contact with the cast.
  • It's confirmed that Uryuu and Ryuuken have rekindled their once-broken father and son relationship.
  • Iba is seen taking care of Komamura's pet dog Goro, plus it seems he has taken in two children from Komamura's clan. The kids are seen in illustrations and, contrasting with Komamura's earlier appearances, they don't use masks to hide their faces.
  • Orihime is the first among the human cast members to learn that Rukia and Renji are marrying, and she cries Tears of Joy when she does.
  • Rukia's wedding veil was made by several people: Orihime, Uryu, Ichigo's sisters, Keigo, Tatsuki, Isshin, Riruka, Ganju... Orihime came up with the idea and made sure that all of Rukia's loved ones would do their part.
  • Ichigo's sisters adore Orihime and think she reminds them of their late mother Masaki.
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  • Renji and Rukia approve of Ichigo and Orihime's potential relationship.
  • Byakuya is seen handling several details of the wedding itself, from helping out with paperwork to making sure Renji will have a really nice wedding kimono, to openly telling Renji "take care of Rukia" when they're officially married.
  • It turns out that Isshin's departure from Soul Society took place not too long after the death of his nephew Kaien (who he was quite proud of), so he was aware of how it broke Rukia and wanted to help her, but could never do so. So now that she's getting married, Ichigo gives Rukia a message from his dad:
    Ichigo: "That guy……when Kaien died, he really wanted to cheer you up. He regretted it so much at the time. So he says he wants you to be the most happiest a person could be."

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