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Heartwarming / Blazing Saddles

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  • When Bart first arrives in Rock Ridge and the rest of the townsfolk are ready to lynch him right there on the spot, the preacher still attempts to speak up on his behalf. It doesn't last long after someone shoots the bible out of his hand, but he was still the only one willing to give Bart a fair shake from the start.
  • The friendship that develops between Bart and the Waco Kid. The crowning moment has to be when Jim makes Bart laugh after his encounter with a Racist Grandma.
    • Said Racist Grandma bakes a pie for Bart in gratitude later in the film. Even though she tells Bart not to tell anyone about it, Bart is happy enough that she's kind enough to do that much.
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  • The expression on the face of Bart's friend on the railroad as he rides up to the railroad worksite, combined with a slow version of the movie's theme song, was really a warming scene. The sheer and unabashed joy of two friends reuniting when they never thought they could (due to one going off to be hanged) is always heartwarming.
  • The scene in which the townsfolk agree to give the railroad workers some land to homestead in exchange for their help succeeds at the incredible task of being both incredibly sweet and hilariously wrong.
    Olsen Johnson: All right, we'll give some land to the niggers and the chinks...but we don't want the Irish!
    (everyone grumbles)
    Bart: (assess the railroad workers reaction) ...No deal.
    Olsen Johnson: Aw, prairie shit! (smiles) Everybody.
    (everyone happily rushes forward and starts shaking hands like old friends)
    • The fact that the black and Chinese workers refused to accept the deal until the Irish were included.
    • It more or less sums up the point of the whole movie by showing, in one short exchange, just how stupid and pointless racism is.
  • "They hit Buddy!! C'mon girls!!"
  • "Keep the faith brothers!"
  • "Nowhere special. I always wanted to go there." Especially after that line showed up a lot after Gene Wilder's passing.
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  • The fact that over the course of the film the people of Rock Ridge go from wanting to gun down Bart in the street as soon as he rides into town to begging him to stay at the end. "He conquered fear and he conquered hate" indeed.


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