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Heartwarming / Blade Runner 2049

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  • Most of the scenes involving Joi. She might just be an A.I. manifesting through a hologram, but she developed genuine feelings for K, who lives isolated in his apartment due to the Fantastic Racism humans massively developed after the Black Out, and she's as affectionate and emotionally supportive as a genuine girlfriend can be. She's also happy to be able to follow him everywhere with the portable emitter, and the rooftop scene under the rain is one of the film's most heartwarming moments, the moment-killing phone call notwithstanding.
    • However, the ambiguous themes in the movie cast a shadow of doubt over the genuine nature of Joi's behavior: after all, she's programmed to say "Everything you want to hear"...
    • At least three moments don't leave much doubt on her "feelings" for K, namely when she tries to wake him up as his Spinner has crashed in the gigantic dump yard of San Diego, when she tells him to delete her from his home systems so Wallace Corporations won't be able to track him down and when she tries to tell him how she loves him before Luv crushes the emitter.
  • Joshi, despite being a strict superior, seems to care quite a lot about K.
    • At one point, Joshi visits K in his apartment and asks him to recount one of his implanted memories as she's genuinely curious what memories replicants have. She even admits that out of all of the replicants she's ever worked with, K is the one she's considered the most human.
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    • When K is brought into the station and fails his baseline test, Joshi arranges for him to be suspended rather than immediately retired, buying him some time to go into hiding.
      • This makes her tirade about his baseline failure moments before heartwarming in retrospect: she wasn't yelling out of anger, but out of fear of what it meant for his future.
    • Finally, when Luv tries to torture Joshi into telling her where K has fled to, Joshi refuses to answer, despite knowing Luv will kill her.
  • Rick Deckard reunites with Dr. Ana Stelline, the daughter he conceived with Rachael.
    • Related to that, K's single-minded determination to make this reunion happen. He rescues Deckard from Luv, fakes his death by drowning to protect him from both Wallace and the Replicant rebellion and disregards his mortal wounds while driving Deckard to Ana Stelline's clinic, even urging him to go meet her when Deckard expresses concern for him.
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    • Deckard's almost awed 'what am I to you?' line has a lot of weight to it when you consider that the Replicants in turn are nothing to humanity.
  • In a weird way, Deckard insisting K gives him a Name not a Serial Number is oddly heartwarming, and indicative of how Decard sees Replicants, now at least.


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