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Heartwarming / Blade

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Marvel Comics Series

  • In Mighty Avengers while captured by the Deathwalkers, Blade manges to break his chains. His reason? Because he promised Spitfire that he would come back to her. For a character like Blade who doesn't allow sentimental emotions to drive his decisions often, this was a very rare moment which showed how much he cares about her.

Film Series

  • When the unsentimental hard-ass Whistler desperately cries to a dying Blade "Don't you give up on me, boy!! You didn't give up on me, and I'm not gonna give up on you!!" you know that even he is capable of love.
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  • Nyssa's death, the only real sympathetic vampire in the series, she also makes the audience think about how pureblood vampires don't have a choice. Its obvious she and Blade have a thing, and she ends up dying. SPECTACULARLY.


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