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Heartwarming / Binbō-gami ga!

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  • Ichiko tearfully accepting that Ranmaru won't betray her and that she can *finally* have a real friend again.
  • Chapter 30. Even though it was the result of a Fortune God Item and would come at the cost of 10 years of misfortune brought upon the family, seeing the Tsuwabauki family after all the hardships they've been through living happy and content, getting to enjoy luxury and having things. Mika no longer has to wear her brother's hand-me-downs and gets to feel like a princess, Ryuuta finally has his own room and all the video games he could want, and Rika finally gets a cell phone, and no longer needing to worry about taking care of the family gets to spend time with her friends. It all turns sour when Sorata gets hit by a motorcycle and they realize how complacent they had become. But even still, seeing the siblings finally not having to worry about their money problems for a short while and being able to experience all the things they never would have gotten a chance to experience otherwise can still make you tear up.
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  • The ending to the anime's finale. Awwwwwwwwww.
  • The manga's ending, as well. *sniffle*

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