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Heartwarming / Beyond the Winding Road

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As a Continuation of PandoraHearts, it's not surprising there's a number of these.

  • Edith's complete faith in Oz and Gilbert coming to help her is quite amazing for her circumstances.
  • Hedia's dedication to her friend Oz as a child, despite her obvious fear of his strange behavior. Her determination to protect Oz from, well, Oz is also this, even if she's interpreted the situation a little wrongly.
    • And Richard defending his son's choices about his identity.
  • Anderson's overprotective brother tendencies can get a little overbearing, especially since his viewpoint puts him against the character development Oz experiences, but he clearly loves his little brother despite not completely understanding him.
    • Edith's adorable collection of memorabilia of her friends from the past, which she used to feel close to them again.
  • Oz's parents and what they're willing to do for their sons. While they don't instantly believe Oz is the reincarnation of a century-dead celebrity (and let's be honest, that sounds absolutely insane, which Oz lampshades), they still are willing to roll with it and hear him out if it helps their son.
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  • Mr. Wilde's Parental Substitute attitude towards Edith is this, as well as Edith's utter joy at Oz's arrival. Also, Edith's complete dedication to the wellbeing of her mother, even if it is a bit unhealthy for her.
  • Vincent, Oz, and Edith acting like an actual family during their trip to see Gilbert, including annoying Vincent with bad musical numbers while he's driving.
  • The single line about three old souls reuniting at the bottom of Advance VI. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • Though most of Ada's Bonus Retrace is a tearjerker, there's one line that will make you cry from happiness: "Her brother—a little stuffed animal, a horrendous monster, the possible downfall of this very earth, and through all that, one of the most precious beings she’d ever had the honor of knowing—had been many, many things in his life, but in the end he had always been the one to define himself." Even through everything that happened and everything she heard, even though she must've had to process all of the tragedy alone because everyone else was gone, even though at this point she probably understood the hardships Oz's existence represented for the world, Ada never stopped loving her brother so, so much.

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