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  • Initially the Literature Club are only together because they are forced to be in order to hold off the titular Eldritch Abomination sleeping within Akihito, not because they like each other. However, starting from The Fireworks at the Festival of Episode 5 they bond through the common ground of being loners and outsiders in a sea of humanity. They continue to bond and become friends during Episode 6, and by the finale of I'll Be Here, their friendship is as warm and true as one between a family.
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  • Episode 4, when Mirai gives Akihito a Cooldown Hug to suppress his rampaging youmu side. It signals the point when she actually starts to see him as a friend and not just her target and the ending scene shows Mirai has accepted him enough that she's willing to share her food with him.
  • There's Mirai and Mitsuki bonding during the lantern festival in episode 5 and Mitsuki blushing when Mirai says that they're friends. Actually, Mitsuki's entire friendship with Mirai is heartwarming in its own right, since Mitsuki eventually acts like a big sister figure to Mirai despite initially being distant towards her.
  • Sakura coming to her senses and reconciling with Mirai in episode 7.
  • In episode 10, Akihito's dream is equal parts this and Tear Jerker. There's Mirai apparently never having once left his side when he was injured and continuing to take care of him as he's recovering. Later that day, in the clubroom, Akihito finally decides to ask Mirai out on a date, but she turns him down, saying that he should've asked her out earlier. She reveals the day is All Just a Dream and Akihito is still comatose in the hospital. The two are then taken to a field of sunflowers at sunset, where Mirai tries to give him one last kiss before saying goodbye.
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  • In Mirai's message, she talks about how she knows now her powers are meant to save people, and she was not cursed, but blessed. She tells Akihito, now that he can die a normal death, to please live a normal life, like he once advised her to. She finishes by turning her Catchphrase around, saying: "I don't feel unpleasant at all."
  • From the I'll Be Here movie:
    • In the opening scene, we have a brief flashback to Akihito's childhood and how he felt isolated when none of the other kids would play with him. Then Yayoi shows up to pick up her son, and Akihito runs towards her and gives her a hug. When the two get home, Yayoi cooks some omurice for the young Akihito to comfort him. It's a brief, yet touching moment since we actually see Yayoi being motherly towards Akihito and it greatly contrasts the relationship we see in the series proper.
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    • Mitsuki showing immense concern for Mirai as well as being the one actively trying to get her and Akihito back together. She's also apparently been taking care of the clubroom bonsai during Mirai's absence.
    • Akihito agreeing to meet with Mirai at Aizeriya (the Mexican restaurant they first had dinner at in episode 1) after stubbornly trying to avoid her earlier on. The dinner actually goes pretty smoothly, and Akihito begins to realize that even though Mirai has amnesia, the real her is still somewhere deep inside and that he hasn't completely disappeared from her memories either.
    • In the fight between Hiroomi and Izumi, he manages to disarm her, then grabs her hands and tells her they should've shared in her darkness, to work through it together.
    • Akihito snapping Mirai out of her youmu parasite induced rampage by telling her he isn't alive because of his immortality, but because of Mirai and how she was stayed with him despite everything. He confesses to Mirai that he loves her, and promises that no matter what may happen from here on out, he'll always protect her.
    • Akihito and Mirai's They Do moment. The two of them are standing in a field of flowers (like the one shown in Mirai's scrapbook earlier in the film) just as the sun is rising. Akihito and Mirai both extend their arms, confess their love for each other and ask the other to stay with them forever. The scene mirrors the ending theme from the series, except this time both parties are reaching out and reciprocating. After all the crap these two have gone through, you really can't help but feel happy for them.
    • The ending credits is a whole montage of heartwarming moments, including: the main four kids reuniting with lots of hugging, the whole gang hanging out at school, all three Nase siblings walking together while Mitsuki's familiar rides on Izumi's shoulder, Akihito and Hiroomi sharing a set of earphones, the adults hanging out together, Hiroomi driving Izumi somewhere while they talk, Akihito sharing a meal with his mother, and Mirai's scrapbook with a bunch of new additions.
    • The final scene of the movie after the credits, where Akihito and Mirai, now officially a couple, are about to cross a railroad on their way to school.
    Mirai: Senpai!
    *short silence*
    Mirai: I love you!
    Akihito: *blushes* I love you, too... And I love the Kuriyama-san who doesn't wear glasses, too!


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