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Heartwarming / Better Living Through Science and Ponies

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  • Chell, realizing that she is finally free.
  • Chell's reaction once she sees what life is like in Equestria. After all the crap she went through in both Portal games, she definitely deserves to live in such a (normally) happy and carefree place like that.
    It was a long night, but the whole time Chell was smiling... smiling so much that her jaw started to hurt. A smile she continued to wear despite the soreness in her cheeks. Chell couldn't stop herself; for the first time she had so much to smile about.
  • When a fan wrote a side story involving Celestia and GLaDOS, the writers recut the story to make it canon with the rest of the fic. That's some true Brony collaboration right there.
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  • In a twisted sort of way, GLaDOS making a note to rebuild ATLAS and P-BODY after they save her from the destruction of Aperture.
  • Luna's reward to Chell at the end of an enchanted necklace that allows her to project her thoughts as speech, finally giving her a chance to speak her mind, as Luna puts it.

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