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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Whenever Gwen stands up for Ben, or vice versa. These two may not always get along, but they are still family and have been shown time and time again that they will always have each other's backs. they do care about each other like family should and they would always have the other's back.


    Season 1 

Episode 2: Washington B.C.

  • When Ben realizes the kid he just saved from the fire has a Gold Sumo Slammer card, he gets so adorably excited (as Heatblast no less) and sits on the ground at an eye level with the kid all polite with his legs crossed.
  • Gwen in the pet section, playing with an adorable little hamster.
  • To protect his family, despite not being alien, Ben draws the attention of the mutant hamster away from his grandpa and Gwen. Awesomely enough, Ben does manage to outsmart the hamster and get it pinned, saving everyone in the store.

Episode 3: The Krakken

  • After Ben (as Ripjaws), shows the mother Krakken that he means no harm and even goes out of his way to save her eggs, the Krakken attempts to kill Jonah, but Ben jumps in front of him to protect him, in a non-threatening way. With Ben saving her eggs still fresh in her mind, the Krakken decides not to attack Ben and return to the nest.

Episode 6: Tourist Trap

  • At the beginning of the episode, Ben somehow has made friends with the kid in the car driving next to the Rustbucket, making funny and gross faces at each other.
  • This is the first episode where Gwen actually goes along with Ben's antics. She actually finds it funny when she and Ben mess around with the giant Rubberband ball.
    • When things turn sour, Gwen really wants to tell the adults about what they had done, but doesn't because she trusts Ben to fib his way through it. They do end up telling the truth though.

Episode 8: The Alliance

  • The Alliance was the first episode that we see Gwen actually stood up for him and actively tries to support him. The moment she realizes that this affected him, she drops the teasing and actively tries to make him feel better.
    • She tells him later that the only reason he was able to get this far was with her and Grandpa Max's help, and he shouldn't have to feel alone because they will always have his back.
  • When Ben runs away from the hospital, Gwen volunteers to get her cousin back, making sure that Grandpa Max doesn't come so he can rest up. It's charming to see that yes, Gwen does love her cousin despite their constant squabbling.

Episode 11: A Small Problem

  • In the beginning of the episode, Ben and Gwen both get giddy over the cool water slide and giving each other high fives.
  • The moment Gwen hears Ben (as Grey Matter) crying out for her for help after being snagged by Howell, Gwen drops what she's doing to chase after the perpetrator.
  • Grandpa Max ends up dumping a trio of smoothies he probably bought for the three of them in the trash in order to chase after Howell who kidnapped Grey Matter.
  • Gwen and Grandpa Max find Howell's phone, which has pictures of Grey Matter he had snapped earlier in the episode. The first thing Gwen remarks is how sad Ben looked, then gets immediately frustrated on his behalf, claiming that only ''she'' is allowed to make Ben feel bad (since arguing, getting on each other's nerves, and teasing each other are their thing).

Episode 13: Secrets

  • When Ben sees that Vilgax is holding an unconscious Gwen and Grandpa hostage and gives Ben an ultimatum: give up himself or he will kill his family. Of course, Ben surrenders himself and to certain doom just to protect them.

    Season 2 
Episode 1: Truth
  • Ben is all too happy to find out that he was actually in the family business of fighting aliens. He gets very excited at the idea of becoming a plumber. If he didn't look up to his Grandpa before, he definitely did now.
    • More heartwarming is that the moment that Ben found out Phil was essentially lying about his job and releasing Null Void aliens, despite being so excited of becoming a plumber, Ben immediately turns on Phil to protect Grandpa Max, claiming he would never want to be a plumber with the likes of Phil.
  • When Phil uses a Sonic Amplifier to subdue the Vulpemancer aliens, it inadvertently affected Ben who was also a Vulpemancer at the time (as Wildmutt). As Ben is covering his 'ears', clearly disoriented and in pain, Gwen looks genuinely concerned and seems to want to help him, but doesn't know how.
  • At the end of the episode, Grandpa Max tells Ben and Gwen that they would have made great plumbers.

Episode 6: The Galactic Enforcers

  • Ultimos from "The Galactic Enforcers", while very strict when it comes to protocols seems to be a genuine Nice Guy.
    • Furthermore, he's probably one of the only characters in this series who from the get-go has nothing but full respect for Ben. It's great to see Ben, whose had his fair share of hero-ing by now, treated as an equal and not admonished just for being a kid and being inexperienced.
  • Tini's short-lived crush on Ben was sort of strange, but it was sort of cute too. Tini seemed to have really liked Ben (though most of it was because of his Four-Arms form).
    • When Ben and Tini were on the verge of being squashed by a big container thrown at them, Tini instinctively jumps in between an unpowered Ben and the container, fully ready to shield him with herself.
  • Synaptak's hostility towards Ben for most of the episode seems to have been because Tini liked Ben while he himself liked Tini. It's kinda sweet once he and Tini sort everything out.
  • At the end of the episode, Ultimos tells Ben that he is considered as a fully commissioned Galactic Enforcer and even gives him a communicator, telling him that he would really appreciate Ben's help fighting baddies. Ben turns it down, telling him that he already has a superhero team (referring to Grandpa Max and Gwen).
    • Gwen asks Ben if he really meant what he said to Ultimos, and Ben says that he didn't and just didn't want to hang out with bunch of 'weirdos' and rather hang out with them instead. He was probably joking and only said it to annoy Gwen, but Ben clearly does appreciate his family's help.

Episode 8: Ultimate Weapon

  • This episode is one of the rare episodes where Ben and Gwen don't fight, though it's mostly because the poor kids are frightened of their grandfather's change in attitude. Despite that, they are seen comforting and supporting each other when Max wouldn't and stand up for each other.
  • Max pushes Ben to sneak in and somewhat coldly asks Ben if he can trust him, to where Ben tells him in the most genuine tone that of course he can trust him.
    • Later, Gwen calls Grandpa Max out for talking to Ben that way. While he ends up brushing Gwen's concerns off, it's sweet of her to point out that Grandpa Max was being unfair to Ben.
  • After Ben and Gwen are saved by Grandpa Max after barely surviving a trap, Gwen tries to thank him, but he ends up leaving them behind, telling them to catch up. The two trail after their grandfather, sympathizing and talking out their concerns about the change in their beloved grandpa's behavior. It's rare to see the two be so genuine with their feelings and it's honestly really sweet.
  • Even though Max spent the whole episode out of character, the moment he sees Ben and Gwen held hostage by the Forever Knights, he ultimately gives up the artifact he tried so hard to protect in exchange for his grandkids. He still does love them.
  • After surviving the Pit of Despair, Grandpa Max wants to hurry on to catch up to Enoch, but Gwen is still woozy after the fall and needed time to get her bearings back. Ben ends up getting fed up with his grandpa on both his and Gwen's behalf, calling him out for forgetting what was really important: family.
    • This is particularly poignant to Ben. It's been established that despite his bratty attitude, above all else, Ben will give up everything to keep his family safe, probably something that was instilled in him by Grandpa Max. In a way, Ben is reminding his grandfather about what was important.
  • Two times in the final fight, Max goes back to save his grandkids instead of trying to get the sword, probably taking what Ben said to him to heart.
  • As the temple is collapsing, Grandpa Max calls out to Enoch to get out of the temple before it was too late. He was the bad guy and almost killed them, but he still had the heart to care about his enemy.
  • At the end of the episode, Max apologizes to both grandkids about the way he was acting and they happily reconcile.

Episode 10: They Lurk Below

  • This is actually one of the only episodes where Ben and Gwen don't fight or tease each other at all. They spend most of the episode having fun, even making jokes and just overall seem to be having a good time. It's refreshing to see the two just genuinely enjoying each other's company.
    • Gwen notably does her best to try keep Ben's identity under wraps, covering for him and even showing concern when he's in danger.
  • While this is the only appearance of Edwin, Ben, Gwen, and Edwin seemed to have become great friends by the end of the episode. They started out quite rocky due to how snobby and unfriendly Edwin is, but started warming up to each other when Edwin takes them out in the sub to go sightseeing in the water.
  • Donovan coming to a realization that he's always pushed his own ideals onto his grandson. Everything that he had given to Edwin ha always been something that he wanted as well. This leads to him apologizing to Edwin for how he's treated him and the two reconcile.
    • Edwin tells his pops that he likes to go by 'Eddie'.
    • On another note, Donovan points out Max's relationship with his grandchildren and Max just says that he wants the kids to be themselves and not to push his ideals onto them.
      • It's heartwarming to see how much Max loves his grandchildren. There's a reason that Ben and Gwen both love their grandfather so much.

    Season 3 
Episode 1: Ben 10,000
  • Near the end of "Ben 10,000", Future!Ben giving Ben a cake for Grandpa Max's birthday.

Episode 3: Don't Drink the Water

  • Toddler Ben is absolutely adorable. He's half the height of his regular self and talks in a very baby way, he even gets his own car seat. Unlike his ten year old self which would be more serious about the situation, toddler Ben seems to have a lot of fun sometimes.
    Ben: Going Hewwo! Uh...hero...
    • Ben's baby aliens are just so cute, basically chibi versions of their adult forms. Wildmutt has turned into the small puppy Wildpup who makes puppy sounds. Stinkfly becomes a baby Stinkyfly. Heatblast now is a tiny thing that is prone to temper tantrums.
  • 10-year-old Max giving toddler Ben a piggyback ride manages to be both funny and adorable.

Episode 4: Merry Christmas

  • Ben and Gwen actually have fun with each other while playing in the snowy town. Seeing that they mostly argue and tease each other, it's actually nice seeing Ben and Gwen being friends or even being like siblings to each other (given they are born on the same day). Heck, they even get Grandpa Max to join in on the fun.

Episode 13: The Visitor

  • After Ben runs away from the team, Max sends Gwen out for him. She tries to cheer him up but ends up getting bummed from his logic. In the end, they probably just sat there not even saying anything and keeping each other company. Considering all they've done is fight throughout the series, and the fact that they were comfortable enough to not say a word for a few minutes, their relationship has evolved a lot throughout their summer.

    Season 4 
Episode 1: Perfect Day
  • Ben overall having a great day, even though it was all just a dream. It's honestly really nice to see the kid act his age and having some fun. With all the hero-ing he's had to do the entire series, he's honestly deserved it.
    • A big bonus is that Ben seems to have genuinely had a lot of fun with Dream!Gwen. Goes to show that maybe if the two just worked out their differences a bit more, they would have have a way more amicable relationship.
  • Dream!Gwen showing concern for Ben after he was knocked down. Ben's voice sounded so genuinely surprised and he seemed touched to hear that Gwen cared about him.
  • In the dream, when a truck speeds by and drops some copies of Sumo Slammer, despite being excited about the game, Ben's good heart gets the better of him and he laments that he should probably return it. Even if it's a dream, it's nice to see that Ben still has a good heart.
    • Ben's face when Dream!Grandpa Max tells him to 'play away'. He was so happy.

Episode 4: My Big Fat Alien Wedding

  • Everything about Joel and Camille. When they first met, there was a battle between their respective races, the human Plumbers and the invading alien Lenopans. Upon their encounter, they fell in love with each other. The heartwarming part comes when we see a shot of Joel holding Camille's hands while she's still in her full-out lenopan form, before she took on her humanoid form. In other words, it's implied Joel fell in love with Camille for her inner-beauty, not because of how she looked. Aww!
  • Although Gwen didn't end up being the flower girl, the moment she thought she was going to be, she was so excited and happy. It's hard not to feel a little bummed out for her when it turns out she was just filling in case the real flower girl doesn't show.
  • Ben actually taking the whole dancing thing seriously and taking a step further with actually trying to learn how to dance, with footsteps on a mat and music. In a normal case, Ben wouldn't even try to learn, but seeing him actually trying is heartwarming.
    • Even though Gwen isn't the flower girl and won't get to dance, she still offers to teach Ben how to dance.
  • Grandpa Max seems very proud of the fact that Ben now is wearing the family heirloom tux, something that he wore when he was a boy, what his Ben's father wore when he was a boy, and now Ben.
  • At the end of the episode, Gwen has taken pictures of the wedding with her camera and stored all the memories in the book. Despite it all, they all genuinely seemed to have a good time.

Episode 5-7: Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix

  • Ben breaking down into tears, and then embracing his cousin Gwen, after thinking she was dead. If you've watched the series you'll know it takes a lot to make Ben cry.

Episode 10: Ken 10

  • Apparently, revealed in the sequel, Alien Force, Gwen had a brother named Kenneth Tennyson, also known as just 'Ken'. It's sweet that Ben might have named his son after his cousin.
  • Ken is just a spitting image of Ben, but now with alien friends and a cool dad. He seems really excited about getting his own omnitrix just like his dad and really wants to help out, despite being a little inexperienced.
  • When it looks like Kevin was about to hurt Ken and Grandpa Max, Ken's magical rock dog given to him by Gwen charges ahead to protect it's master (though is unfortunately smashed).
  • At the end of the episode, Ben stops Devlin from leaving and instead of throwing him in the Null Void like he expects, asks him to stay and become a part of the family, and Devlin, of course, accepts.
    • At the mention of Devlin being sent to the Null Void, young Ken jumps in front of his friend to protect him.
  • Thankfully, Ken's magical rock dog resembles and comes back to life, coming to greet a happy Ken.

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