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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Whenever Gwen stands up for Ben, or vice versa. These two may not always get along, but they do care about each other like family should and they would always have the other's back.
    • How about the fact that in "Merry Christmas" Ben and Gwen actually have fun with each other for the most part. Seeing that they mostly argue, it's actually nice seeing Ben and Gwen being friends or even being like brother and sister to each other (given they are born on the same day). Heck, they even get Grandpa Max to join in on the fun.
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    • While "The Alliance" was certainly filled with it's fair share of Tear Jerkersnote , it was also notable that this was the very first episode where Gwen is actually kind and actually stood up for Ben, reminding him that the only reason he was able to make it so far is because of her and Grandpa Max's help.
  • In "Secrets", when Vilgax is holding the unconscious Gwen and Grandpa hostage. In anger, Ben changes from Ghostfreak to Wildmutt. But when Vilgax gives his ultimatum, Ben surrenders in order to protect them.
  • Near the end of "Ben 10,000", Future!Ben giving Ben a cake for Grandpa Max's birthday.
  • Ultimos from "The Galactic Enforcers", while very strict when it comes to protocols seems to be a genuine Nice Guy.
    • Synaptak's hostility towards Ben for most of the episode seems to have been because Tini liked Ben (as Four-Arms). It's kinda sweet once he and Tini sort everything out.
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  • "My Big Fat Alien Wedding" has a romantic backstory between Joel and Camille. When they first met, there was a battle between their respective races, the human Plumbers and the invading alien Lenopans. Upon their encounter, they fell in love with each other. The heartwarming part comes when we see a shot of Joel holding Camille's hands while she's still in her full-out lenopan form, before she took on her humanoid form. In other words, it's implied Joel fell in love with Camille for her inner-beauty, not because of how she looked. Aww!
  • 10-year-old Max giving toddler Ben a piggyback ride in "Don't Drink the Water" manages to be both funny and adorable.
  • In "The Visitor", after Ben runs away from the team, Max sends Gwen out for him. She tries to cheer him up but ends up getting bummed from his logic. In the end, they probably just sat there not even saying anything and keeping each other company. Considering all they've done is fight throughout the series, and the fact that they were comfortable enough to not say a word for a few minutes, their relationship has evolved a lot throughout their summer.
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  • A lot of the interactions between the Tennyson family in the reboot belong here.
  • The episode "Ken 10" was made of this, but especially when Ben stops Devlin from leaving and instead of throwing him in the Null Void like he expects, asks him to stay and become a part of the family, and Devlin, of course, accepts.
  • How did anyone forget Secret of the Omnitrix? Ben breaking down into tears, and then embracing his cousin Gwen, after thinking she was dead. If you've watched the series you'll know it takes a lot to make Ben cry.
  • Much of the episode "Pier Pressure". Ben expects Julie to hate and fear him after their disastrous date and finding out about the Omnitrix. Instead, she's totally accepting and quickly takes to dealings with aliens. It's hard not to say "awwww" at Ben's relief and their subsequent danger-bonding.

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