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  • Every scene with Dido's father. He only sees her for maybe three hours, but in that time he acknowledges her as his daughter, takes her from the slums, and defends her to his family. And he leaves her everything when he dies, securing a future for her she would not otherwise have.
  • Dido, having naturally curly hair, is having trouble brushing it, but her black maid shows her how to do it properly. It's a very tender scene.
  • Dido and Mr. Davinier's relationship, particularly the scene where they talk about her heritage. Unlike the Ashfords, who either fetishize or demean her, he actually sees her for who she is and loves her for it.
    Mr. Davinier: What of your mother?
    Dido: I know very little of her other than the color she has given me.
    Mr. Davinier: Then at least you know she was beautiful.
    • Even more heartwarming when you consider Amma Asante, the film's director, is part of an interracial marriage in real life (her husband is a white Swiss man).
  • Of course, Mr. Davinier's declaration of love.
    Mr. Davinier: Yes, I love her! I love her with every breath I breathe.
  • In a backhanded sort of way, the only insult Elizabeth can muster at Dido is that she's "illegitimate". Dido's race apparently never even crossed her mind except as matter of fact, while "polite society" saw it as the only reason necessary to put her at arm's length.
    • Similarly, when James scolds Oliver for not thinking of what people will say if he goes walking with Dido, Elizabeth seems genuinely taken aback that it should be a problem.
  • Dido offering part of her large inheritance to make a dowry for Elizabeth, as her douchebag father left her penniless after having a male heir. Although this at first upsets Elizabeth, the only condition Dido sets is her not marrying James Ashford, as she knows his real ugly nature. Not only does she want Elizabeth to get married, but she wants her to marry a good man.
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  • Dido comforting Elizabeth when they find out James is engaged to someone else. Then Elizabeth encouraging Dido shortly after to pursue the man she loves.
  • Dido and Davinier declaring their love for each other.
    Dido: I love you for all that you are, and with all... all that I am.


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