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     Season One 
  • On Bella and Kyle's first date in "A Good Bye Week", a piece of red velvet cake is delivered to their table at the Lone Starcade almost immediately. Bella says they didn't order it, but Kyle says he did, because, in all the years they've known each other, Bella always eats her dessert first.
    • Sawyer's speech to Bella that she should be spending time with Kyle before he and his family move to Dallas, instead of avoiding him.
    • Bella and Kyle deciding to finally enter into a relationship during his remaining time in Silverado, and Bella apologizing for avoiding him since he told her he was moving.
  • Newt in "Traitor Dater". By this point, it had been established that Sawyer and Pepper have feelings for one another. With the Homecoming Dance approaching, Sawyer wants to ask Pepper to it, and Pepper is hoping Sawyer will ask her. Sawyer tells Newt that he is growing the mum corsage intended for Pepper in the garden at his farm. Sawyer, however, doesn't tell Newt that it's Pepper he's planning on asking. After being rejected by Sophie yet again, Newt decides to ask Pepper when Pepper believes Sawyer isn't going to ask her. Like Sawyer, Pepper doesn't outright tell Newt she's hoping to go with Sawyer. Pepper accepts Newt's invitation to the dance. The next morning, Sawyer approaches Pepper with his mum corsage, only to see Pepper pull the mum corsage Newt gave her, still in its box, out of her locker. Dejected, Sawyer throws his mum in the trash. Newt sees him do this, and pulls the mum out, saying it's too nice to be thrown away. Before the Homecoming Game, Pepper mentions that the mum Newt gave her has daisies, her favorite flower. This triggers a flashback to the conversation Newt had with Sawyer, when Sawyer mentions that daisies are his ideal date's favorite flower. Realizing what's happened, he pulls Sawyer over to Pepper after the game, and takes his mum back from Pepper, allowing Sawyer and Pepper to go to the dance together. Not only is this Heartwarming, it doubles as a Moment of Awesome, and karma rewards Newt by having Sophie ask him to the dance, though she wishes to "keep it casual."
  • The ending of "Bulldog Buddies". At Pepper's house, Sawyer reveals to Pepper's adopted parents that he is her boyfriend. The problem is, they don't know she has a boyfriend, and won't let her date because they feel she is too young. Pepper attempts to explain that Sawyer isn't like other boys, but Sawyer attempts to fall on the sword, and tells Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein that he would never have asked Pepper out if she wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. He starts to leave, but Pepper's parents decide that she can have a boyfriend, since Sawyer considers her feelings.
    • Also, we are introduced to Troy's younger brother D.J., who ends up being paired with Bella in Coach Russell's mentoring program, Bulldog Buddies. Troy and D.J. don't like this situation at first, as they wish to be paired with one another. However, D.J. ends up wanting to stay with Bella, even after Troy attempts to trade his mentee, nerdy Rolen, for D.J. Troy becomes jealous and hurt, but D.J. explains that he stayed with Bella so she can teach him to become a better quarterback, allowing him to one day throw a touchdown pass to Troy when they're playing on the same NFL team.
    • In the episode's opening minutes, Pepper and Sawyer do a gift exchange that is Played for Laughs, but still sweet. In the Cold Open's first few seconds, Sawyer and Newt are sitting with two other friends in a booth at the Lone Starcade. Pepper, Sophie, and Bella are in the adjacent booth. Sawyer approaches Pepper's booth, his right hand behind his back. He tells her they've been hanging out a lot, and wants to give her something to show how much she means to him (Pepper: "Aw, Sawyer!"), so he places a handful of pepperoni slices on her slice of pepperoni pizza (Bella & Sophie: "Ew, Sawyer!"), because he knows she likes extra pepperoni on her pizza, having picked it off his own slice of pizza. The next day at school, Pepper gives Sawyer a picture of a goat, but not just any goat, a goat named Mabel, who saved Sawyer from a rattlesnake when he was a toddler. Seconds later, Sawyer pulls Pepper aside, and asks her to be his girlfriend.
  • Bella trying to get Newt some playing time so that he could impress his father, a stout athlete at Yale, winning All-American honors in three sports. She eventually gives Newt her spot as the holder on the team's field goal and extra point attempts, leading to Newt scoring the winning touchdown in his first game in this role after a bad snap. Newt tries to give the credit for his greatest athletic achievement to Bella, but she deflects it ("No, Newt. You scored! You did it!"). Newt's father tells his son that he's always proud of him, whether he's playing or not.
  • Right before the playoffs, the team's kicker, Kenny Ping, goes on a world tour with the Silverado West orchestra. The team holds in-house tryouts, with everyone showing how terrible they would be in the position. Hunter, a member of the school soccer team, shows up and kicks the ball right through the uprights. However, he refuses to join the team, due to a long-standing feud with Troy, Sawyer, and Newt. Bella does everything she can to get Hunter to change his mind. She gets the football team to clean out every student's locker, in exchange for going to the soccer team's next game. Come game day, the stands aren't full, disappointing everyone, especially Bella. But Hunter is pleased, saying it's the biggest crowd the team has ever had. He agrees to become the football team's kicker.
  • In the first season finale, the Bulldogs are on the verge of playing their opening-round playoff game against the Durango Red Devils. A few days before the game, slimy Mack Scully, the Red Devils' head coach, digs up an old rule stating that girls can't play football. The county athletic board enforces this in a letter to Coach Russell. At an appeal hearing, Scully makes a (clearly phony) argument that he doesn't want Bella to get hurt. Bella counters by reciting her stat line, the most important being that she had been sacked 10 times, and gotten up each time. The board votes to revoke the rule, but this move won't take effect for another 30 days, meaning Bella still can't play. When game time comes, the Red Devils win the coin toss, and elect to receive. Troy breaks up the huddle before kickoff, and calls a time out. He walks up to the yard line where the ball is on the tee, and places down his helmet, saying he doesn't want to play if Bella can't. Sawyer follows, then kicker Hunter, then Newt, then everyone else. Troy announces to the referee that the Bulldogs are forfeiting the game, a decision Coach Russell is proud of. After the game, members of Durango enter the Bulldogs' locker room, to apologize for Scully's behavior, and to tell Bella he only dug up that rule because he was scared of how good she was. The two teams play a touch football game on the Bulldogs' field, with Coach Russell and the cheerleaders from both teams watching. The season ends with Bella throwing a perfect spiral to Troy. Though we don't see him catch it, Bella's widening smile as the play ends tells us he did. Perhaps an unseen moment by most viewers occurs after Bella lets the ball fly: on a close-up of Sophie and Pepper, a Red Devil cheerleader drops her jaw in amazement at Bella's strength, showing the amount of respect she has for an opposing player.
     Season Two 
  • Zach's numerous attempts to apologize to Bella for standing her up for the Homecoming Dance in season one.
  • Newt apologizing to Sophie for his Stalker with a Crush tendencies towards her, when another cheerleader, Vera, shows the same tendencies towards him, and makes him realize what he is. Sophie repays him by pretending to be his girlfriend, then "admonishes" him for two-timing her after Vera reveals that she and Newt had gone on a date the day before, making Vera back off.
  • Two from "The Outlaw Bella Dawson":
    • Zach lying to Bella about being punished for getting caught playing a video game, and taking up the other stock just so she could have someone to hang out with.
    • Asha appreciating Newt's birthday gift - a gift card to the Lone Starcade - even after Troy and Pepper chastised him for revealing what his gift to her was. Also, Asha telling Newt that she appreciates the small things in their relationship, and Newt saying that he'd try to remember that.
  • Bella's participation in a local pageant managing to bring Newt and his stepmom, Brenda, closer together. Also, Bella showing off her talents as a quarterback to the pageant audience, despite the fact that it gets her disqualified because she didn't choose from a list of pre-approved talents. Brenda takes this a step further by announcing that she would start her own pageant, where girls would be allowed to show off whatever talent they truly had.
  • Bella apologizing to Zach's girlfriend, Alicia, for asking him out without knowing that he was with someone, as well as promising Alicia that she would stay away from Zach as to not ruin their relationship. Counts as a bit of a Tear Jerker, too.
  • Bella's attempt to bring media attention to the rest of her Bulldog teammates, knowing she's nothing without them.
    • From the same episode, Sophie helping Newt in his class's robot fighting competition. It's nice to see their friendship grow after Newt got past his feelings for her.
  • Troy being uncomfortable with breaking the Bulldogs' all-time touchdown record because he didn't want to upset his father. In a Moment of Awesome, Troy breaks the record with the game-winning touchdown because he realized his team needed him. Ray tells Troy that he is proud of him, as well as bringing about a Tear Jerker moment when he laments that being overseas in the military means that he's missing seeing his son grow up.
  • The introduction of Pepper's new baby brother, Theo. Especially after all the girls did to help Pepper's mom deliver him.

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