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  • Kim`s mother. Although he seems to disappoint his parents all the time, she helps him out constantly, carries his secrets to the best of her ability, and gives him the material he needs for his writing. While he is at the refuge, she also keeps an eye on him.
  • How the boys treat Fred Hansen, and Fred`s mother, who rarely sees him with friends, thanks them from the bottom of her heart for caring for her son. Her own sacrifice for Fred also counts here.
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  • Nina, when she visits Kim at the hospital, giving him hope for living again. This scene crosses over in tear jerker territory.
  • How Gunnar, Ola and Kim travel across Europe to Paris and spends several weeks searching for Seb in Paris, using all their spare money in the process. When they finally do, Seb breaks down in their arms.
  • Kim, who finds his uncle Hubert all on his own, and tells him that his father forgave him. All without his father knowing about it.


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