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It is wonderful my life. Please could you kiss my name? When the music’s over. Turn off light, it was such a sweet time. Could you pray for me my friend? It’s starting over time.

  • Legoshi going to great lengths to deliver the recently murdered Tem's love letter to Els so that no one else knows it ever existed, as the alpaca confessed to the wolf that he was too shy go through with giving it to her personally. In a way, Legoshi tied Tem's last loose end to honour his friend. And Els thanked him for it, even if his method of approach made her assume he wanted to eat her.
  • Legoshi is probably the first animal ever to decline Haru's offer of sleeping together, even covering her with a blanket when she stopped disrobing at the underwear stage (and running away in embarrassment afterwards), giving her an unusual and welcomed change of pace.
  • Legoshi at first being absolutely terrified of speaking to Haru, knowing what he did to her just recently, and thinking he had no right to be near her. And then realizing he can't take his eyes off her.
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  • When Louis asks Legoshi why did he come to the gardening club and what's his business with Haru, he confidently answers that he just wanted to see her. Made even warmer by the fact that she was hiding within earshot, and hearing that simple statement clearly moved her.
  • Haru's progressing liking for Legoshi the more she interacts with him, made even warmer by the fact that every time she hears him say something nice about her, her frames become surrounded by various Love Bubbles variants.
  • You can pinpoint the exact moment Haru begins genuinely enjoying Legoshi's company when she starts to seek him out first.
  • When Haru discovers it was Legoshi who attacked her before they were properly introduced, her appreciation for his following presence in her life completely outweighs any negative emotion she might have harboured for him as a result.
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  • When Haru gets kidnapped by the Shishigumi she imagines writing down her life story as she falls into despair. Then she remembers Legoshi. Her freshly realized feelings for him drive her to stay strong.
  • Legoshi finally accepting his wolf heritage after 17 years when he realises he can use it to protect the girl he loves.
  • When even Gouhin, whose job is literally to help you learn how to tell your carnivore urges from other emotions and is usually very skeptical about your claims, acknowledges Legoshi's love for a rabbit as a genuine thing.
  • Haru declaring the sight of a battered Legoshi eating cheap food with her after saving her from a herbivore-eating gangster to be one of the most beautiful memories in her life.
  • Legoshi's dorm mother discovering his backpack is stuffed with books about herbivore psychology. This is after Haru tells him he will never understand how it feels to be born as one.
  • Legoshi barely containing his anger when Juno announced to the Meteor Festival attendants that he was completely altruistic in saving Haru and had no personal self-interest in doing so. And additionally, Haru being the only one in the crowd to notice this.
  • It bears mentioning that Cherryton’s announcement to disband all inter-species clubs was met with overwhelming resistance from carnivore *and* herbivore students alike.
    • And the way we discover this is even better: Bill is ready to write off the school segregation as something he can't help until he sees how upset Els is. She says that she knows he eats Back Alley Market meat, and that he's said chauvinistic things about her, but also she knows a lot of great things about him - and she never would have without their unsegregated club. They rush to the club meeting, hoping to convince the others, only to find that everyone has overwhelmingly voted in favor of defying their teachers to keep the club as it is.
  • When Kibi's arm was accidentally ripped off, his fear of having his other arm taken meant he wouldn't let any carnivore near him. The only carnivore he was willing to trust was Legoshi.
    • He seemed to have gotten over that fear by the time Tao, who was responsible for his maiming, visited him in the hospital. Tao was wracked with guilt and standing as far away as the room allowed, but Kibi asked him to come closer and touch his hand. Then he grabbed Tao's hand with the fingers on his injured arm, revealing that the reattachment was fully successful and thanking Tao for visiting him, moving Tao to tears.
  • Once Haru enters college, she tries to forget about Legoshi, hoping to convince herself she's better off without him, but every wolf or interspecies couple she encounters immediately make her think of him and want to see him again.
  • Even as she considers ending her relationship with Legoshi due to his trouble magnet tendencies, remembering it's his 18th birthday on that day makes her run through half the city to give him best wishes in person.
  • One chapter has Legoshi mention that Haru needs to grip tightly when they hold hands so he can feel it, given she's weaker and smaller. Later on, a lingering shot of their hands shows Haru's gripping so hard she made indents in his skin.
  • Legoshi realizing how much Jack means to him in Chapter 152. It was always clear to him and readers that he was his Best Friend since childood and that he's always supportive and there for him. What he realizes however is that Jack always felt like a replacement mother to him, and as a result he actually considers him a part of the family.
  • In the history Jack shares with Legoshi, we learn that, when herbivores and carnivores first began interacting, carnivores saw herbivores as creatures that required their Protection. And the first interaction we see with their ancient ancestors was a carnivore putting itself in front of a Falling Boulder to protect an herbivore.
    • Even in the scenes showing the war between herbivores and carnivores, when a goat and wolf soldier are seen confronted by a whale, they're both terrified. The goat responds by jumping forward and clinging to the wolf he had just been fighting with. And immediately after, the wolf throws out his arms to put himself between the herbivore and the whale.
  • When Bill finds a baby chick in his meal by sheer luck, he contemplates eating it seeing it had barely a chance to live. With the help of Pina and Aoba, they manage to nurse the chick back to health to where it can stand on its own. On their last night together, Bill apologizes to the unnamed chick for almost eating it, and the boys take him to the police. Bill was only recently promoted as the Drama Club President, and is showing proper steps into being a fine gentleman.
  • Even before the above mention of Bill, during the blackout, he makes sure Els specifically is alright. For all his posturing, he frequently shows his care for Els.
  • After Legoshi inadvertently finds himself having dinner with Haru's family, her dad drives him home and Legoshi ends up blurting out his affection for Haru to him. Haru's Dad, having had his eye on Legoshi the entire time, takes note of how careful Legoshi was the entire time and more importantly, how happy Haru seems around him and invites him to come to dinner again sometime, subtly giving their relationship his blessing.
  • Louis doesn't have the best relationship with his adoptive father, a cold calculating man who only took him in because he couldn't have a biological son to take over his company. And yet, through the story, we see that deep down they care for each other. It culminates in chapter 165, when Louis' father has a car accident. His fingers move in the air, tapping in an imaginary calculator, trying to measure the value of their relationship... and only getting error after error because he can't put a value on affection. His last act is to do what he calls the most unprofitable thing in his life: drag his son into a hug. In the end, they made some measure of peace.
  • Chapter 182 shows us a vulnerable Riz, who is doing prison time in juvie and seems to be in some sort of rehab. Pina, of all people, visits him very often and they are shown to be friendly. Goes to show that, in spite of what he’s done, there’s still a person within Riz, and a suffering heart.
  • In Chapter 184, during a riot between Herbivores and Carnivores, there is a sudden blackout. All the Herbivores tense up in terror, while the Carnivores realize the entire city has become a buffet. Even Yafya is standing, vulnerable, out in the open. When the lights come back on, its revealed all the Carnivores had taken the Herbivores' hands to protect them.
  • The very last scene of the series, where Haru climbs onto Legoshi's chest and embraces him in public, drawing attention from nearby police officers. They ask her if the wolf she's with has gone berserk, but she looks at them and happily proclaims that she and Legoshi are engaged.