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Heartwarming / Battle of the Atom

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  • The first thing Future!Kitty does is hug Wolverine, considering that he's probably dead in their timeline it makes it all the sweeter. Subverted when it turns out this isn't Kitty at all, but Wolverine's shape-shifting future son with Mystique, who promptly stabs Wolverine the moment the charade is lowered.
  • Before this, present Kitty doesn't react the way the rest of her side usually do upon seeing Scott. She doesn't glare at him, call him out or call him a terrorist. In fact, she's rather happy to see him and the two work together like old times and depart on good terms. Fridge Brilliance likely points to this being because she's been hanging with Teen Cyclops and is, so far, one of the only two people openly nice to him without any hidden agenda, so she's either smart enough to understand that it wasn't his fault, or she's grown attached to his younger self and as such sees his present self under a more forgiving light. Either way, it's great to see at least one person on Wolverine's side who's not acting horrible to Scott.
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  • When the futures X-Men show up, Teen Jean freaks out and decides to run away. She tried to talk Teen Hank into going with her, but he's more interested in observing the future X-Men. Jean asks Scott... and he agrees. No questions, no hesitation. Later she points out he's the only one to trust her.
  • Similar to the above, when Future!Colossus sees Magik, his response is to joyfully pick her up and cry happily that its really her. And then, when the real Future!X-Men are debating to go back with her, he insists that he will always help his sister. This is doubly sweet since Colossus is wielding her Soulsword, implying that she died at some point (again), and that, in the present time, Colossus and her are currently not on good terms, with Piotr even threatening to kill her if he sees her again.
  • Sentinel-X meets Jubilee, and unmasks himself to reveal a grown-up Shogo. What really makes the scene is Jubilee's line right after considering that she's a vampire and being with the X-Men isn't exactly child-safe.
    Jubilee: Oh thank God, they never took you away from me!
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  • Kitty and Illiyana hugging each other after Kitty joins the Uncanny X-Men in the last issue. It was just so unbelievable cute!
  • Although it eventually turns out not to be very right, Lady Xorn/Future Jean's kissing her daughter Rachel on the cheek and warmly greeting Storm are quite heartwarming. This is especially heartwarming for Rachel who has lost her mother (which is twice, if you count Rachel's own Jean Grey in the Bad Future where she came from.