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  • Faye Riley's relationship with the "Little Guys", as she calls them.
  • Kilowatt and Carmen's Mating Dance.
  • After the Fix-Its give birth, Frank promises that he and the other tenants will do everything in their power to protect them.
  • Harry's strong connection with the smallest Fix-It. The fact that he worked so hard to bring the little guy to life should be mentioned.
    • The other Fix-Its reaction when they find out the little one is alive after all. Flotsam and Jetsam jump and chirp which their baby sibling copies in an adorable way.
  • The very end of the film, where thousands of fixits descend from the sky to repair the destroyed apartment building.
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  • The final scene of the film shows a time elapsed shot of the Manhattan skyline as Mr. Lacey's skyscrapers materialize into view one by one, and then the camera pans all the way down to show the fully restored Riley's building still proudly standing between them.

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